FOTO FRIDAY: Penetrating Waterfalls with Spaniards

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The Waterfalls of Banos, Ecuador

Sorry TLC but this looks to tempting to stay away.

I know what you said TLC, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.” Well guess what TLC, I bet you girls have never been to Baños, Ecuador because if you have you would know that there are just way too many waterfalls to pass up.

Luckily for me, I ran into a great group of Spaniards while mountain biking around the waterfalls on the outskirts of Baños who showed me an amazing spot where we could swim under a giant double-decker waterfall.

I had been admiring the top waterfall from a distance when the large group walked passed. One of the girls doubled back and asked in her quick Spaniard Spanish.. estas viajando solo? (are you traveling alone?)

I hesitated for a second, assested the girl-to-guy ratio and responded… “si?” 

She ordered back “Ven con nosotros, vamos a nadar!” (come with us, let’s go swimming)

Me: “Jaja, dale!” (haha, okay)

Absolutely beautiful.

Enjoy some friday waterfall eye candy via the beautiful Baños, Ecuador.

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Bridge to the top waterfall in Banos, Ecuador

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Enjoying the peacefulness of the waterfalls in Banos, Ecuador

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

About to violate the tranquility

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Testing the water - Que Rico!

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Just a couple Spaniards, a dog and a Gringo enjoying a waterfall bath in Ecuador

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador


Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Thumbs up if you love your life.

Waterfalls of Banos Ecuador

Lunch with the Spaniards after an amazing waterfall bath

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  1. su Padre

    G-man – help me out here! I thought Banos meant bathroom in Espanol? The beautiful scenery makes me think otherwise…

    1. Author

      Plus 1, it does mean Bathroom. I think it’s because there are a ton of thermal baths and waterfalls around the area.

    1. Author

      One day accepting invitations from strangers might catch up to me but until that time, it’s days like this that makes everything come together.

  2. Author

    Thanks Sebastian, yeah it’s moments like this that makes traveling so amazing to me. It pushes me to return the favor when I’m at home or in a big group.

  3. Lisa

    You discovered an amazing place. This is one of those successful trips everyone wishes for. The place looks beautiful. It must feel great being surrounded with so much beauty.
    Lisa recently to meet womenMy Profile

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