1. Penelope

    Despite the problems, I am so pumped for this! We’re going to put on a show that the world will never forget!

  2. Mel F

    Hey there! I will be likely be coming to Brazil for the World Cup with my husband and I will definitely stay tuned with your updates as the games get closer! Thanks for the post.

  3. Dan

    Just read some comments attbriuted to Landon Donovan about David Beckham. They are right on the mark.When Beckham was rumored to be coming to the Galaxy, I wrote that it was time the U.S. stopped importing over-the-hill stars from abroad to boost ratings while the star collected millions for what were essentially guest appearances . We did it with Pele and Breckenbaur. It did not boost the quality of soccer in the U.S.A. and did little for its ratings.On the other hand we boosted our image nationally and internationally by our performance in Souuth Africa. We did it with AMERICANS showing we can play skilful and entertaining soccer. The first half against Brazil was wonderful to watch.Soccer requires skill and intelligence. Our kids need exposure to heros they can emulate. Lets instead spend the millions we squander on importing fading international stars on our youth soccer and semi-pro programs.

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