1. Author

      As long as you have a departure printout and credit card statement, they don’t ask many questions. They just want to know that you have enough money to stay and that you will be leaving at some point. They might ask what your plans our for the next 90 days but that’s unlikely.

  1. Jennifer

    This information was super helpful – I got all my docs in order, arrived at the Federal Police at 10 am on a Monday morning, and was out of there in 15 min. Thanks for the detailed info, since I couldn’t really find it anywhere else!

    Only thing I would suggest is to maybe bring a printout of your bank statement in addition to your CC statement – they accepted my CC info but asked for a bank statement.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks this helps me a lot. One problem – What happens if I lost the arrival/departure card and do not know the number to put on the “Requerimento de Prorrogacao de Prazo” form (box #10)? Does this matter?

  3. Summer

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful info. If I leave Brazil at the end of my 90 days and then return 30 days later, can I just get a new tourist visa at the airport when I return (for 90 more days (or 60 more days, counting from when my previous 90 expired))- or is it required that I renew with Federal Police before I depart Brazil? Thanks for any insight, this is hard to find answer to online!

  4. Dia

    Great info, thank you so much!
    I stayed in Brazil for 88 days up until a few weeks ago and am planning to go back for around 30 days next week. I am a bit scared of how they will treat me at immigration when they see that I am technically only allowed to stay for 2 days but my flight back home is after 30 days. Do you think that will be an issue?
    Would be great to have some opinion or advice on this!

  5. Faheem minhas

    I want to get an extension for my wife. She obviously doesn’t have a bank account here . What are the options in her case?

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