Top 10 Hottest Women of Ecuador

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After a month and a half in Ecuador it’s time to head south to Peru, but I wouldn’t feel right about leaving without giving you the other side of Ecuadorian beauty, beyond the country’s incredible landscape, culture and cuisine.

The “Hottest People” posts have become one of my favorite features on the T2T site, not only because of the obvious benefit I get from “researching” pop culture, but because of how the lists are created.

I ask locals who their favorite celebrities are and their ranking opinion. For this list I received “insight” from our cooks at the Monkey Rescue Center, computer technicians at the Mac store, Ecuadorian friends in Quito, Baños and Cuenca and even a few bartenders, waitresses and hostel workers along the way.

While Ecuadorian women didn’t provide the same neck-whipping-double-takes on the streets as often as the ladies of Colombia and Argentina, there were a few diamonds in the rough that could hang with anyone.

Findings: Guayaquil produces the hottest women and they all seem to have been Miss Ecuador at some point and they all have nicknames (leave a comment if you actually read this part).

Without further ado, here’s my completely biased list of the hottest women in Ecuador, enjoy responsibly.

T2T’s Top 10 Hottest Ecuadorian Women

10. Fernanda Cornejo – Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro is a professional model from Quito who was the first Ecuadorian women to reach such a level of beauty that she was named Miss International 2011.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro

Hottest Miss International of Ecuador – Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro

9. Adriana Sanchez – aka “La Bomba” is probably best known for being the girlfriend and baby’s mamma to Argentine footballer Marcelo (el chelo) Delgado. She started her career on programs Web Veo, Sixteen and Trato Hecho, but her fame and nickname came later on the Channel 1 program, El Show de Hincha with John Paul Sico.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Adriana Sanchez "LaBomba"

Hottest Baby Mamma of Ecuador – Adriana Sanchez “LaBomba”

8Marisol Romero – Marisol represents the cougar category in this Top 10. Marisol Romero is an Ecuadorian actress who is most famous for her roll as Gabrielle Solís on the Colombian version of Desperate Housewives. Basically Eva Longoria’s latin counterpart, awesome. She has since done television programs in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.

Hottest Cougar of Ecuador - Marisol Romero

Hottest Cougar of Ecuador – Marisol Romero

7. Flor Maria Palomeque – Flor is an actress who started her career as a model on tv before venturing into comedy with “Ni en Vivo, Ni en Directo, Vivos peer no Revueltos y Nuestro Recinto” and other programs. She breaks the top 10 list because I think she’s super sexy for managing to shed her hot image to play a character which turned out to be a classic figure in Ecuadorian television.  Her famous alter-ego “La Mofle” from the hit show La Paraje Feliz (The Happy Couple) is pretty brutal looking. A far stretch from how Flor looks in real life. Nothing like a women who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Flor Maria Palomeque

Hottest Alter-ego of Ecuador – Flor Maria Palomeque

6-tie. Marjorie Cevallos – Miss World Ecuador 2008, Marjorie Cevallos Vera was born in ’86, which puts her right in my age bracket. She was born in Guayaquil and has lived most of her life in Duran, Ecuador, a small city in the Guayaquil metro area. She’s tall, beautiful and has been winning beauty pageants for years, including Queen of the World in Germany, Miss Renella, Queen of the Fae, Sovereign of Duran, Miss Ecuador and now Top 10 Miss Tourist2Townie 2011-12.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Marjorie Cevallos

Hottest Women of Duran, Ecuador – Marjorie Cevallos

6-tie. Domenica Saporiti – Domenica was also born in Guayaquil, won Miss Ecuador 2008 and has went on to become a TV presenter. I figured I had to put her with Marjorie. I guess Miss Ecuador and Miss World Ecuador are two different things? All the same to me… beautiful. She began her acting career at the age of 16 on Sixteen and has since hosted sports programs Locos por el Deportes, De Rojo, LG Karaoke, Copa and Combate. 

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Domenica Saporiti

Hottest Sports TV Host of Ecuador – Domenica Saporiti (Don’t we make a great couple)

5. Estefani Espin – The 26 year old bombshell with a brain, Estefani Espin, began her journalism career as the youngest newscaster ever at CNN Spanish. She studied journalism and Communications in Chicago and Nebraska before joining CNN radio and then CNN Spanish News. She has since left CNN and presented the news for ‘Televistazo’ before joining Alfredo Pinoargote on ‘Direct Contact’ in Ecuador. As well as reporting the news for FM World. Like Maria Rivadeneira, Estefani tops the list because her beauty is matched by her ambition and intelligence. Marriage material.

Hottest Newscaster in Ecuador - Estefani Espin

Hottest Newscaster in Ecuador – Estefani Espin

4. María Elisa Camargo – This one is kind of cheating because Maria has Colombian parents and become famous in Colombia, but she was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador so we’ll let it slide. Her first moment in the spotlight was on the Colombian version of X Factor and has since gone on to act in Colombian telenovelos (soap operas), La Marca del Deseo and Verano de Amor. The hot Ecuadorian actress/singer now works on Mexican soap operas and dating American born, Mexican actor Tony Dalton. Lucky Bastard.

Hottest X Factor Contestant from Ecuador - Maria Elisa Camargo

Hottest X Factor Contestant from Ecuador – Maria Elisa Camargo

3. Ericka Velez – Erika Vélez was born in Manta, Ecuador on the Ecuadorian coast and she began her career at the age of 18 on the Ecuavisa TV soap opera, No Limits. Erika Velez has participated in several productions outside the country as Besame Tonto, Peru, Doctor Love, in Argentina, the Mathematician Francisco in Colombia and more recently Velez hosted  the price of fame in Ecuador.

Hottest Women of Manta, Ecuador - Erika Velez

Hottest Women of Manta, Ecuador – Erika Velez

2. Dayallana Passailaigue – Long name, amazing results. Dayallana lives in Quito and is known as an accomplished athlete, model and popular host on Ecuadorian TV, Ecuavisa and “Asi Somos”. She was the first Ecuadorian women to compete in the Iron Man race and in college she studied engineering specializing in commercial marketing. Oh yeah and she finished top of her class at La Universidad Blue Hill College in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Intimidated yet?

Hottest Athlete of Ecuador - Dallyana Passailaigue

Hottest Athlete of Ecuador – Dallyana Passailaigue

1Maria Susana Rivadeneira – Born in Quito on September 8, 1979, Maria Rivadeneira is a former miss Ecuador and Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2004. Nowadays, Rivadeneira continues to model and also works for a non-profit organization called Fundación Acción Solidaria which helps children from the poorest neighborhoods of Guayaquil. Sexy, smart and classy, what a great combination.

Hottest Most Elegant Women of Ecuador - Maria Susana Rivadeneira

Hottest Most Elegant Women of Ecuador – Maria Susana Rivadeneira

—- Top 10 Hottest Ecuadorian Women Honorable Mentions —-

11. Gabriela Villalba – is a spicy Ecuadorian singer and actress born in Quito, Ecuador. She was a former member of Ecuadorian pop group, Kiruba, which was established after a TV talent contest called Popstars. Later she joined the Chilean pop group Kudai and moved to Mexico. Since the band broke up Gabriela lives in New York where she works as a spokeswoman for Vega Management and a company for ecological purposes as she prepares for her big solo comeback.

Hottest Singer of Ecuador - Gabriela Villalba

Hottest Singer of Ecuador – Gabriela Villalba

12. Jennifer Pazmiño – Jennifer proudly represented Ecuadorian women everywhere a year ago as she took home the crown of Miss Earth 2010. She has since began her television hosting career on Ecuadorian TV.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Jennifer Pazmino

Hottest Waterlogged Women of Ecuador – Jennifer Pazmino

13. Maria Veronica Vargas Granja – Born in 1989 Miss Ecuador 2011 represented the Guayas (a small province of Ecuador) She is from Guayaquil but lives in Quito with a degree in Journalism.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Maria Veronica Vargas

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Maria Veronica Vargas

14. Katty Lopez – Catalina Mercedes “Katty” López Samán is another Guayaquil-born beauty pageant contestant who won Miss Ecuador 2006. She also finished third in the third season of the Univision reality series Nuestra Belleza Latina in the United States. She has lately been working on her acting career and has played Trinitia in the romantic comedy film From Prada to Nada.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Katty Lopez

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Katty Lopez

15. Diana Leon – Model, beauty queen and TV presenter from Guayaquil.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Diana Leon

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Diana Leon

16. Joany Daza – Represented Ecuador in the Miss Hooters International Contest in Miami.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Joany Daza

Hottest Hooters Girl of Ecuador – Joany Daza (far right)

17. Mirely Barzola – Reining Miss Sugar Cane and Miss International Beauty. Lives in Nobol and comutes to University of Guayaquil to study advertising and marketing works as a model.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Mirely Barzola

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Mirely Barzola

18. Carolina Jaume – aka Carolina Milena Jaume Saporiti was born in Guayaquil with both her parents devoted to television. Her mother (Diana Saporiti) was a producer and actress and her father (Rafael Jaume) anchored a news and opinion program. She started acting young with commercials and has since moved on to telenovelas, children and a divorce to ex-hubby, actor/producer Xavier Pimentel.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Carolina Jaume

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Carolina Jaume

19. Veronica Coronel – Popularly known asa Vero Sofia, this beauty from Quito is a model and presenter on Ecuadorian television.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Veronica Coronel

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Veronica Coronel

20. Gabriela Pazmiño – Ecuadorian TV host.

Hottest Women of Ecuador - Gabriela Pazmiño

Hottest Women of Ecuador – Gabriela Pazmiño


Other hot Ecuadorian women I researched during this grueling process:

Ecuadorian Models: Lugina Cabezas, Sofia Caiche, Gineth Moreno, Nabila Fuentes, Andrea Sarmiento, Marielisa Marques,  Paola Tigreros

Ecuadorian Beauty Queens: Rebeca Flores, Eliana Quintero,Isabela Chiriboga, Ana Galarza, Sandra Vinces, Lady Mina, Ximena Zamora, Claudia Elena Schiess Fretz, Julia Ojeda

Ecuadorian Actresses: Paola Farias, Maria Teresa Guerrero

Ecuadorian TV Hostesses: Denisse Arce (La Pescadito), Bianca Salame, Isabel Ontaneda, Gabriela Pazmiño,

Ecuadorian Singers: Sharon “La Hechicera”, Johanna Carreño, Thanya Roman, Kandela y Son, Grupo Deseo


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    Si estan bonitas pero Mas monenitas, donde estan las nativas y negras? Hay mas yo estaba en Ecuador yo he visto , soy Peruano , las Peruanas y Ecuadorensias, son la mas lindas Reinas ..mas Latina con piel maron oscura esta linda!

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      fuck you! ecuador y peru son muy diferentes, no nos parecemos okay, alla ssus mujeres son feas, aca son bonitas en todas las razas, si te gustan las indias feas pues ándate a Bolivia o a tu país, okay?

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    Dios mio Ericka Velez. I wish I would of stayed in Manta Ecuador way back. So many beautiful women, everywhere, from the coast, to la sierra, to deep in the jungles, all the time… unlike here in Los Angeles, mutants have risen from Mexico… I must go back, forever!


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  11. Gabriela

    This is why I hate when white bros visit my country. ‘Spicy’ … Can you shut the fuxk up with your racist and stereotypical descriptions of us, my culture isn’t for YOU to judge based on our women. Also I just love how we have one of the largest concentrations of indigenous and Afro Latinas and not one is on that list. Just leave us alone and don’t come back.

  12. Alexandra Tracy

    This is a really sad way of portraying Ecuadorian/ Latina women. We are more than just our bodies! We are also more than just blonde and light-skinned. What Gabriela says in her comment hits the nail right on the head. Sexism and racism still very alive right here.

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  14. Kevin

    My ex was born in Quito, Ecuador. She came to the states just 4-5 years ago. She was gorgeous though, she’s 27 years old an says its much different back home than Gainesville, Florida..

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