Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women

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After being a bit disappointed with the scarcity of eye-candy in Ecuador, I crossed the border into Peru with high expectations. Although there isn’t as much hype around Peruvian beauty like Colombians or Argentines, I was relieved to find that from Mancora down to Arequipa, the women of Peru held their ground against their sexy latina counterparts.

Now as I get settled in Bolivia and start my adventure here, I leave you with my heavily researched and overly biased list of the hottest women of Peru. The list is generated from recommendations by Peruvian friends based on hotness, fame and skills. Enjoy responsibly.

T2T’s Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Alexis Amore

#10 – Alexis Amore understands the importance of traveling deeper.

10. Alexis Amore – Porn stars are beautiful too! That’s why I’m kicking off the Top 10 hottest Peruvian list with the lovely and sensual mattress actress, Alexis Amore. Born in Lima in 1978, her award-winning work in adult entertainment has made her one of the more famous Peruvians in ‘alternative’ movies. For those of you who question my decision, go ahead and research some of her work in Titty Mania 3 and Double Air Bags 4 and you’ll understand why… very talented!

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Maricris Rubio

#9 – Maricris Rubio represents Trujillo to the fullest.

9. Maricris Rubio – Turns out Trujillo, Peru is the main headquarters of the Peruvian hottie factory and they pump ‘em out one after another. Maricris Rubio was fabricated in Trujillo and has sense developed into her own mold of sexiness. She’s a model by trade, Virgo by birth and Bonafied Peruvian hottie by my standards.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Tigresa del Oriente

#8 – Tigresa del Oriente thinks she’s a tiger and I think that’s sexy. Grrrrr!

8. La Tigresa del Oriente – Actress. Singer. Dancer. Hairdresser. Makeup Artist. Internet sensation. Half women half tiger? La Tigresa del Oriente aka the tigress from the orient (the “orient” being the Peruvian Amazon) was born in 1944 in Constancia, Peru and reached “super stardom” when her 2009 Youtube sensation “Nuevo Amanecer” (new sunrise) hit 10 million views. Any socially inclined woman who thinks she’s a tiger and shoots such ridiculously awesome low-budget music videos holds a special place in my heart and deserves a spot on this list. Keep it up Tigresa, rarrrrr!

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women -Stephanie Cayo

#7 – Stephanie Cayo studied acting in NYC without losing her Peruvian thunder.

7. Stephanie Cayo – This Lima born hottie started her acting career at the tender age of 10 when she appeared on the telenovela, Travesuras del Carazón. She studied Action at the TVI Actors Studio in New York and sang and danced at the Broadway Dancer Center. The 24 year old has starred in a number of telenovelas across Latin America since than, including Besos RobadosLa Marca del Deseo, Doña Bella and most recently El secretario.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Cinthya Chanta

#6 (tie) – Cinthya Chanta will get on her knees to get the money shot.

6 (Tie). Cynthia Chanta – Thank goodness I didn’t know about Cynthia before I went to the Hare Krishna retreat in Chiclayo, Peru or else I would have had a tough time keeping a clean mind in her hometown. This Peruvian beauty represented her country as a finalist in the Miss World pageant and later become a TV presenter and wonderful bra filler-upper!

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Melissa Garcia

#6 (tie) – Melissa Garcia will mesmerize you with her eyes and bangs.

6 (Tie). Melissa Garcia – I wanted to have a nicely diversified list of hot Peruvian women, so I took my research beyond Miss World and Miss Universe contestants. Melissa Garcia was Miss Hawaiian Tropic Peru, which involves a lot more oil and a lot less bikini than the traditional pageant contestants. Very well rounded list, I know. Although she won the Hawaiian Tropics crown in 2005, it wasn’t until 2008 when she starred naked in a Claro (telecom) commercial. Melissa is a great example of a Limeña (women from Lima, Peru) with her curvy figure, cinnamon skin and seductive eyes that I got lost in 3 times while writing this.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Silvana Arias

#5. Silvana Arias is a famous Peruvian actress and someone I’d really like to go on a picnic with.

5. Silvana Arias – Born in Lima, Silvana Arias has grown up to become one of Peru’s most recognized actresses today. Arias got her start on Peruvian and Miami-based Hispanic telenovelas before earning her first role on American television. From 2004 through 2007 she played Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald on the NBC soap opera, Passions. She has since returned to Hispanic telenovelas such as Gata Salvaje and Perro Amor. To add smarts to beauty, she also holds a degree in fashion design. Marriage material.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Vanessa Jeri

#4. Vanessa Jeri makes hand balls legal.

4. Vanessa Jeri – Vanessa is a Peruvian quadruple threat: Actress, dancer, model and great booty! All these qualities get her on the list, but it’s her sense of humor that drives her into the top 5. On a whim, Jeri jumped into stardom when she attended an open casting call for a comedy show named Mil Oficios (Jack of a Thousand Trades) and landed the roll of one of the show’s main characters. The show became a hit on Peruvian television and she became a national sex symbol. Vanessa Jeri most recently could be seen on the comedy show Teatro Desde El Teatro (Theatre From The Theatre), shown on America Television in Peru. Need more proof? Check out her strip tease on the show Mil Disculpas. Long live Latin TV!

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Maju Mantilla

#3. Maju Mantilla will seduce you and then beat you in a race.

3. Maju Mantilla – AKA María Julia “Maju” Mantilla García was born July 10, 1984 in Trujillo, Mantilla and has been awesome every since. In 2001, Mantilla became the Peruvian national champion of Triathlon and Penthathlon, and was elected national athlete of the year. She is a professional dancer in The Marinera, a typical local dance. With a group of ladies, she developed a program in Trujillo to give breakfast to hundreds of children in poor areas. In 2004, she was the second Peruvian woman ever to be crowned Miss World. The only thing I don’t like about Maju is that I couldn’t find her when I was in Trujillo in November. Next time.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Nahalie Kelley

#2. Nahalie Kelley has Peruvian blood, an Australian passport and Tokyo street cred.

2. Nathalie Kelley – The only reason Nathalie was bumped from the top spot was because she hasn’t lived her entire life in Peru. Born in Lima, Peru, the Peruvian hottie moved to Sydney, Australia at age 13, where she attended the same school Nicole Kidman had attended on Sydney’s north shore. At 16, she became a salsa dancer, and later competed in the “Miss Latin America competition.” She was the only good thing about Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift and most recently she starred in Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” music video. Bruno was right, I like her just the way she is, never change Nathalie.

Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women - Natalie Vertiz

#1. Natalie Vertiz is the quintessential Peruvian godess. It’s a shame to think the Incas would have sacrificed her first.

1. Natalie Vértiz – How could a woman with that smile and that outfit not be atop the Hottest Peruvian Women list? The 22 year-old Peruvian pageant titleholder was crowned Miss Peru 2011 and represented her country in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant.  She has also auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 and competed in the third season of the American reality show Model Latina and was eliminated from the competition finishing third overall. Don’t worry Natalie, you’re number one in my book.


11. Vanessa Tello – Peruvian model who is a favorite among Peruvian friends because of her well formed assets and remarkable ability to showcase them across magazines and calendars.

12. Liesel Holler – An elegant Peruvian beauty that won Miss Peru in 2004.

13. Marisela Puicon – Lima-born music producer, singer and actress.

14. Gianella Neyra – Gianella Karina Neyra Magagna is one of the few women on this list born in Arequipa, Peru. She’s an actress, model and Peruvian TV presenter who has starred in a number of TV programs and was nominated for a Emmy International for best comedy in the series Mi Problema con las mujeres.

15. Pachamama – If it weren’t for this woman, this list wouldn’t be possible. Pachamama aka Mother Nature uses her sensual touch to create all things beautiful in Peru. Plastic surgeons pick up where she leaves off. The only reason she didn’t break into the top 10 was because I couldn’t find many scantily clad photos of her online.

16. Vanessa Terkes – This hot Peruvian actress, born as Vanessa Cvujetka Terkes Rachitoff gained international recognition for her role as Lola in the Mexican series El Pantera.

17. Viviana Rivasplata – Popular among female Peruvian friends, Vivi Rivasplata is a Peruvian model from Lambayeque and was elected Miss Peru in 2001.

18. Vanessa Saba – Another product of Lima’s great water, Vanessa Saba Zarzar is a actress, TV presentor and singer from Peru. To me, she looks like what would happen if Sher and Courtney Cox made a baby.

19. Giselle Patron – Miss Hawaiian Tropic Peru 2009 loves to travel and take sexy photos. I feel like I could be of assistance somehow. Call me.

20. Luciana Leon – Perhaps the only doable Politician in Peru.

Other Hot Peruvian Women Considered:

Models: Tilsa Lozano, Leysi Suarez, Sofia Franco, Claudia Abusada, Giovanna Vargas, Karen Dejo, Melissa Loza, Danuska Zapata, Sully Saenz

Musicians: Leslie Shaw

Beauty Queens: Nicole Faveron, Giuliana Zevallos, Karol Castillo

Actresses: Katy Caballero, Magaly Solier Romero, Gianalla Neyra

Athletes: Kina Malpartida, Sofía Mulánovich, Laura Arraya,

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Thank you to Google images and Wikipedia for the majority of the information.

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    1. Author

      Most viewed, least commented. That’s it how it usually goes with these lists Will.

    1. Paul

      Not only you deserve to be in this list, but you should have been #1 in the list. You are definitely the most beautiful one out of all of them. I wish you nothing but the best and lots of blessings.

  1. sue

    thank you! gareth I am tired of going to a club, etc with my other peruvian girlfriends, being asked where we are from, and then being told we do NOT look peruvian….PLENTY of beautiful peruvian women in peru, i usually go back every year to visit PERU..loved this <3


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  3. lizz

    Lol those had to go to surgery first ! 😀 honestly guys, beauty means looking like plastic dolls? Search on the internet their “old” pictures beforr they were “famous” fuck they look different! Vanessa Jeri’s lips are fake, tits and stuff… like the other girls! I’m not being jealous of them of course not, I am a beautiful peruvian woman , I might have small tits, I might be small, my grandmother from Puno ( they look really like incas) my grandfather from Cajamarca Utco ( they all have green eyes, his brother blue eyes, the other brother grey eyes, etc) as you know I’m mix raced and well, I need to look like th
    at european/peruvian gurl to be beautiful, I like more the real peruvian women, no fake shits thats not beauty, as my man says to me: my inca princess, he is Finnish and he loves more my inca roots than the spanisb side… I also like more my inca roots, I am proud of it I must say.

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