Top 10 Hottest Puerto Rican Women

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Take one look at my track record (or search history) and there’s no hiding my love for las Boricuas. Big Pun introduced me to the beauty of Puerto Rican women back in the 90s and they’ve been driving me crazy ever since.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico and I was absolutely amazed at how much eye candy one island could produce. From Old San Juan, Rincon and Ponce to Beaches, Rainforests and Bio Bays, Puerto Ricans have to be beautiful just to stand out from their natural surroundings!

This post isn’t about those natural wonders of Puerto Rico, however, this is about a cultural topic that I feel it my duty to cover as a distinguished travel blogger. It’s a topic that I covered in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and now it’s time to explore the hotness of Puerto Rican Women.

You’re welcome.

As I’ve done in the past, I want to give an opportunity to those Puerto Rican women who aren’t as well known, so you won’t see Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Rodriquez or Marquita Rivera on the list, even though they are just as spicy as everyone else onboard the hot bus.

As if you haven’t skipped down to the photos already, here are the Top 10 Hottest Women of Puerto Rico in my completely biased and perverse opinion.

Enjoy responsibly…

Top 10 Hottest Puerto Rican Women

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women - Vanessa Claudio

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women – Vanessa Claudio

10. Vanessa ClaudioVanessa Claudio’s career started with beauty pageants and developed into a successful career in acting, modeling and TV hosting in Mexico where she works as a TV reporter and has graced the covers of popular Mexican magazines MAX and H para hombres.

The Hottest Women of Puerto Rico - Denise Quinones

The Hottest Women of Puerto Rico – Denise Quinones

9. Denise Quiñones – Another beauty from Ponce, Puerto Rico, Denise Quiñones is the fourth women from Puerto Rico to win the Miss Universe contest (2001) and has since set her sights on Hollywood with a number of TV series roles and movies.

The Hottest Women of Puerto Rico - Dayanara Torres

The Hottest Women of Puerto Rico – Dayanara Torres

8. Dayanara Torres – Dayanara is a one-time Miss Universe, one-time Marc Anthony wife and full-time Puerto Rican hottie who was discovered at the age of 17 in her hometown of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. Dayanara Torres is not just another pretty face however, during and after her reign as Miss Universe, Ms. Torres became and ambassador for UNICEF and established a foundation to provide scholarships for poor students in Puerto Rico and the Philippines. I can see why Marc thought she was marriage material. 

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women - Brenda Lynn

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women – Brenda Lynn

7. Brenda Lynn Acevedo – Proud Puerto Rican, Brenda Lynn is my sleeper choice on the Top 10 Hottest Puerto Ricans list. She may not be as well known as most of the other girls, but what she lacks in popularity, she makes up for in hotness. I see a bright future on her horizon and I think she will take her “Miss Howard TV” title and run with it. I hope she wears a sports bra.

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women - Lymari Nadal

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women – Lymari Nadal

6. Lymari Nadal – Lymari is a Puerto Rican actress who first caught my attention as Eva (Denzel’s Wife) in American Gangster. Beautiful and classy, Lymari Nadal has acted in a number of TV shows and movies, which is why it is safe to say she’s come a long way from her hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Hot Puerto Rican Women - Naya Rivera

Hot Puerto Rican Women – Naya Rivera

5. Naya Rivera – You’ve seen Naya on Glee, I’ve seen her in my dreams. I would rank this sexy songstress even higher but I have to deduct a few notches because she’s only half Puerto Rican, like that even matters. I’ve never been a big Big Sean fan until now.

Hottest Women of Puerto Rico - Roselyn Sanchez

Hottest Women of Puerto Rico – Roselyn Sanchez

4. Roselyn Sanchez – Becoming a household name with her most recent role on ABC’s “Devious Maids,” Roselyn Sánchez is an actress and model who won Miss Puerto Rico in 1993, Miss American Petite in 1994, has since appeared on Maxim and FHM’s sexiest lists and continues to represent her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the up-most hottest. 

Hottest Women of Puerto Rico - Joan Smalls

Hottest Women of Puerto Rico – Joan Smalls

3. Joan Smalls – A very Super Model. Joan Smalls ranked at number 8 on Forbes’ “World’s Highest Paid Models, 2013” and has appeared in campaigns and shows with everyone from Gap to Versace and in magazines from GQ to Vogue. Standing at almost 5’11”, she’s a tall glass of water… and I’m thirsty!

Hottest Puerto Rican Women - Monic Marie Perez Díaz

Hottest Puerto Rican Women – Monic Marie Perez Díaz

2. Monic Marie Pérez Díaz – On August 29, 2012, Monic won the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 crown, representing her hometown of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Monic Perez will take on an even bigger responsibility on November 9, 2013 where she will compete in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow, Russia. And… she’s doing all of this while all of this while majoring in Nursing at University of Puerto Rico. Nothing beats a beautiful Puerto Rican Nurse, am I right? 

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women - Adrienne Bailon

The Hottest Puerto Rican Women – Adrienne Bailon

1. Adrienne Bailon – This one is a totally biased personal crush that I’ve had for a very long time. Despite only being half Puerto Rican (mother), the other half is Ecuadorian and we all know what I think about Hot Ecuadorian Women. I first spotted her as a Cheetah Girl and have since admired her on many red carpet and featured appearances… in a non-creepy way of course.

Hot Puerto Rican Women Honorable Mentions: 

Camille Guaty – Susia Castillo – Victoria Justice – Nina Sky – Rosario Dawson – Daniella Alonso – Vanessa De Roide – Talisa Soto – Eva LaRue – April Lee Hernandez – Jackie Fontanez – Lana Parrilla – Barbara Bermudo – Cynthia Olavarria – Millie Corretjer – Noelia – Melina Leon 



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  1. Maria Alexandra @LatinAbroad

    What a great list, Gareth! I love how it shows not only the beauty, but also the VARIETY Puerto Rico has to offer 😉 we are, after all, a mix of Taíno-Indians, African slaves, and Spanish Conquistadors.

    I’m surprised that Adrienne tops the list, though. I would personally go gay for Joan, Naya or Roselyn instead 😀

    – Maria Alexandra
    Maria Alexandra @LatinAbroad recently posted..Puerto Rico paradores: PHOTOS + video of my East Coast favoritesMy Profile


      you choice is completely wrong we have many other puertorican woman that you not even mention you should study more about puertorican woman.
      sorry you are lost my friend.

  2. Tiara

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  3. ubizarre

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