How to Survive a Futbol Match in Buenos Aires

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I decided to take a page out of Kate Hudson’s book and create a “How To” guide for Argentina football fans who want to attend a match here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is the first of many “T2T How To Guides” about traveling to Buenos Aires. Hopefully it will be a good travel resource & entertaining guide for those looking to attend a Football Match in Argentina. Please pardon any shaky images, for most of the day we were either really excited, jumping up and down or trying to hide the camera from being called out by the Barra Brava at the game.

The footage is from my first ever Argentine Football match – Velez vs River, that some friends and I attended on December 6th as part of the first tournament (season) here in Buenos Aires – Apertura 2009.

We learned the songs, bought the gear and didn’t get beat up… I’d say it was a pretty successful afternoon.

Velez beat River 3 to 1 and I’d like to think we had a small part in the victory.

Futbol in Argentina

The Velez Crowd Cheering on Their Team

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