Top 8 Hottest World Cup WAGs

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Star athletes and beautiful women go together like superheroes and spandex, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be no exception.

When you’re one of the world’s best soccer players, on the world’s biggest stage, you have your choice of arm candy… and these guys chose well!

We all know how beautiful Colombian and Argentine women are already, but here are eight of the hottest World Cup WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends) who will hopefully be making the trip to Brazil to support their balling beaus.

I apologize in advance, I was very indecisive with this list so there might be one or two ties. Here are the Hottest 2014 World Cup WAGs in my completely biased opinion…

8 (tie). Bruna Marquezine

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Bruna Marquezine

I would give Bruna Marquezine a higher ranking, but her relationship with Brazilian superstar, Neymar, isn’t as firm as her figure. Either way, the 18 year old Brazilian actress will definitely be in attendance during the World Cup, so you already have something to cheer for. 

8 (tie). Sarah Brandner

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Sarah Brandner

Germany will have a strong chance of winning the title and it doesn’t hurt that they will have Bastian Schweinsteiger’s model girlfriend, Sarah Brandner, in attendance to help support the blitzkrieg.

7 (tie). Amra Silajdzic

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Amra Silajdzic

Bosnia isn’t getting much buzz coverage around the World Cup outside of, well, Bosnia, but Edin Dzeko’s model/actress girlfriend Amra Silajdzic is something to talk about.

7 (tie). Shakira

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Shakira

The Colombian beauty that we all know in love will be divided during this year’s World Cup in Brazil because she has both the Colombian squad and her husband, Gerard Pique’s Spanish team. My heart tells me Colombia, my mind tells me Spain and my hips don’t know what to do.

6 (tie). Laia Grassi


Now you have a reason to root for Chile! Laia Grassi is a beautiful art director dating Chilean soccer star, Alexis Sanchez. I don’t know if her big blue eyes will get Chile to the next round of the World Cup, but they definitely got her a place on this list.

6 (tie). Bethany Dempsey

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Bethany Dempsey

Bethany Dempsey is the beautiful wife of USA soccer’s leading man, Chris Dempsey. Maybe she’s just what the US team needs to top Germany and shock their way into higher rounds.

5 (tie). Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Hottest World Cup WAGs - Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau

Equal parts Spanish, Dutch and gorgeous, Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is married to dutch footballer, Wesley Sneijder who will be representing the tough Netherlands squad who lost in the finals of World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

5 (tie). Kayla Hall

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Kayla Hall

Girlfriend of English footballer Phil Jones, Kayla Hall is a beautiful addition to the British WAGs team.

4 (tie). Michela Quattrociocche

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Michela Quattrocioche

The 26-year-old Italian film actress is the “ol’ ball and chain” to Italian midfielder, Alberto Aquilani. While I don’t think Italy has much of a chance this year, Michela Quattrociocche will definitely be an Italian highlight for everyone to enjoy.

4 (tie). Alex Gerrard 

Hottest World CUp WAGs - Alex Gerrard

Unlike many of the other World Cup WAGs, Alex Gerrard, wife of English star, Steven Gerrard, won’t be making the trip to Brazil to watch the national team. Turns out, he wants all of his attention on the games and not his beautiful bride. Fair enough.

3 (tie). Fanny Neguesha

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Fanny Neguesha

Word on the street is, Fanny Neguesha just broke up with Italian superstar, Mario Balotelli. Should the break-up prove true, it comes just a week after Mario was implicated with his brother Enoch of having a foursome with an Italian playboy model. Either way, that’s a lot to handle before the World Cup. Maybe Fanny, and newly ex-WAG, Jourdan Dunn and I can all sit together.

3 (tie). Antonella Roccuzzo

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi is on the brink of becoming a legend and girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo will be right there to watch it happen. Win or loose, the superstar from Argentina has something to look forward to come July 13th.

2 (tie). Irina Shayk

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Irina Shayk

When you are as well polished as Cristiano Ronaldo, it takes a hell-of-a-women to make you take a backseat to the camera. Enter Irina Shayk, Ronaldo’s lover and baby mamma and Russian super model, who is arguably the most famous of all the World Cup WAGs.

2 (tie). Sara Carbonero

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Sara Carbonero

This is one reporter that you definitely need to keep your eyes on during the World Cup. Spanish TV presenter, Sara Carbonero, made headlines in 2010 during the World Cup when her appearance at the Spain vs. Switzerland game allegedly distracted her boyfriend, Spanish soccer player, Iker Casillas into making a few keys errors, which cost them the game. As a result of the controversy Carbonero in Spain became “one of the most photographed people of the World Cup.” Let’s see if she can do it again!

1 (tie). Natalia Velez

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Natalia Velez

Colombian Women in Brazil shouldn’t be legal. Either way, one of the hottest World Cup WAGs, Natalia Velez would get a pass. Linked to Colombian striker, Radamel Falcao, Natalia Velez is more than enough reason to be a Colombia supporter in the coming weeks.

1 (tie). Melissa Satta

Hottest World Cup WAGs - Melissa Satta

American-born, world-traveled, Italian model and presenter, Melissa Satta is married to Ghanian national, Kevin-Prince Boateng. Good news for the US fans is that we play Ghana. Bad news for everyone but Boateng is, she goes home with him. Maybe he will miss the game due to another alleged “sex-related injury.”

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Now are you ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil?

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