Status Update: 7 Weeks Deep

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T2T Fans in San Antonio de Areco outside Buenos Aires, Argentina

STATUS UPDATE: The T2T Fan Club is Growing

Food: Trying new places to switch up from empanadas, pizza and meat. I eat Choripan like its my job.

Physical Status: Need to exercise more and get on somewhat of a normal sleep schedule.

Mental Status: Overwhelmed, Anxious, Excited

Spanish Speaking Ability: I can piece together words and I guess a lot to understand conversations.

Knowledge of Buenos Aires: 3 out of 10

Twitter Followers: 145

Buenos Aires Network: 10-20 great people [Based on cell phone contacts]

Random: I’m pretty excited the Buffalo Bills fired Dick Jauron. I think It’s time for a new game plan.

Current Mission: Practice Spanish, network and plan a friend’s visit.

Important News: It has been high season for protests. From multiple days where the Buenos Aires Subte has closed to teacher wage protests. Plaza de Mayo has been very busy. Maradona was suspended for 2 months for telling a reporter to “suck it” (not that nicely). He won’t miss the World Cup though, which starts this June! Uruguay just got into the World Cup.


It’s crazy that I’ve already been in Buenos Aires for almost 2 months. I feel like I don’t really know the city and that Spanish is still very far away. Time has been flying by and I’ve been rushing to get as much done as possible because I know time will only go by faster once I start ‘working’.

This week I checked a major mark off my To Do List by landing a job at Buller Pub in Recoleta. As of right now I’ll be working every night except Wednesday and Thursday, so we’ll see how that schedule fits into my master plan.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with some great people working and living in Buenos Aires.

– Jed from

– Thomas from

– Alan from

We shared stories about how we ended up in Buenos Aires, discussed South American travel trends and tips and even swapped some website ideas.

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