Bangkok Street Food Guide

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After 10 days of exploring Thailand, I only had 24 hours to experience the mega metropolis of Bangkok. Fortunately, I had a local ace up my sleeve by the name of Mark Wiens, who has been living in Bangkok since 2009, writing and filming for his popular travel blog,

Mark and I spent the morning willingly trapped within a hunger-fueled pinball game, as we bounced from one street cart to the next in search of new and exciting flavors.

Here’s a little more information on (some of) the food we ate on that sweaty and awesome day in Bangkok.


Kuay teow reua (Boat Noodles) – Pork based noodle soup, the broth is thickened with pork blood to make it rich and flavorful. They are called boat noodles because the noodles used to be consumed on boats so the bowls would be served only partially filled so it wouldn’t spill when the boat rocked. Rating: Once you get over the thought of raw blood, it’s a deliciously spicy way to start your day.

Bangkok Street Food with Mark Wiens

Tod man – Deep fried pureed fish and curry paste patties. Rating: Sponge-like texture, but good curry flavor. Pass.

Bangkok Street Food - Khao jee

Khao jee – Common Isan snack of grilled day old sticky rice, basted in an egg batter and then deep fried. Rating: Great little sweet snack with crispy outside and soft inside.

Bangkok Street Food - Mackerel and Chili Sauce

Nam prik pla too – A chili dip made with roasted chilis and vegetables and mackerel, often eaten with rice and vegetables. Rating: One of my favorites, really strong grilled fish flavor with smoky goodness from the chilis.

Bangkok Street Food - Yam pla dook foo

Yam pla dook foo – Lettuce Wraps with green mango, shredded dried catfish and sweat & Sour sauce. Rating: Refreshing

Bangkok Street Food - Roti sai mai

Roti sai mai – Thin crepe made to eat with cotton candy inside. Rating: This cotton candy crepe taco is a kid’s dream, but a little too sweet for me.

Bangkok Street Food- Green Papaya Salad

Som tam boo plara – One of the most common types of green papaya salad made with fermented fish and crab. Rating: tastes like a spicy coleslaw, the papaya is bitter not sweet, and the flavors are bold and classically Thai. Perfect with the chicken.

Bangkok Street Food- Catfish

Laab pla dook – Grilled catfish, deboned, and made into a minced salad, seasoned with lime juice, fish sauce, toasted rice powder, chili flakes, and herbs. Rating: Like a really fancy tuna salad.

Bangkok Street Food- Pork Bone Soup

Tom saeb graduk moo – A common Isan soup made with pork bones. Rating: As you see from the video, the spice smacks you right in the face but then magically dissipates for a softer vinegar flavor. Rollercoaster of emotions.


Be sure to check out Mark’s website for more awesome food content all the time at

And if you aren’t able to watch the video on this page, click here to watch Bangkok Street Food.


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  1. Jolina

    Love it, all foods look delicious! It makes me feel hungry…I miss Bangkok and Thai food. : )

  2. Selma

    Nice assortment of Thai food that are less common … I may have to try some of these when I make my way back to Thailand.

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  4. Cuisine Lover

    My mouth is watering with saliva, man. Everything looks superb. Recipes handed down from their ancestors. Most must be lovely; those amazing looking food. Yumm.

  5. Chandra

    Love those street food. It reminds me the foods that I had last year when I had lovely trip to Bankok.

  6. Vidya Purohit

    Guys just amazing, delicious food!!! Yuummmmyyyy. hahaha. Can’t wait to visit Bangkok. I have noted down these foods & definitely will try when I will be there. Thanks for sharing such a great list.

  7. Karen

    You could literally be anywhere on the street in Thailand and have great food right next to you. I love this post. Aside from the Tom Yum and Pad thai there’s tons of other food to try in Thailand. A little spice tolerance and images of how the meat was process or what it is is all you need. The Khao Jeeand lettuce wraps look delicioius! Next stop Bangkok! Thanks again.

  8. Budget Jetsetter

    One of the things I’d look out for is if they give you a different menu with much higher prices. This happens quite a bit in Bangkok in the touristy areas where the prices are 3 times as much for non-locals. Always research what the general prices should be and go to another stall if prices seem out of whack.

  9. Ahana Jane

    i am craving already for this!! Such an amazing post with so tempting street food…Sumptuous!! All this is going on top of my list!!

  10. Agra tour

    One of the most common types of green papaya salad made with fermented fish and crab. Rating: tastes like a spicy coleslaw, the papaya is bitter not sweet, and the flavors are bold and classically Thai. Perfect with the chicken.

  11. Roshan

    Oh spicy and awesome Thai food. I have been there once and it is an amazing place. Food is awesome but I couldn’t wander to the streets due to limited time frame. But street food will definitely come to my list when I visit there next.

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