Wild Tasmania

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From Tasmanian Devils and baby Wombats to jumping dolphins and swimming with seals, episode two of “Travel Deeper Australia” is now live, and it’s all about the wildlife of Tasmania!

I spent 10 days exploring the beautiful and wild island south of mainland Australia, and I can honestly say, it has been my favorite Australian experience to date.

As I mention in the video, to most foreign travelers, and even many Australians, Tassie is a forgotten State, and that’s exactly why I wanted to come here.

Throughout my time in Tasmania, I could find similarities in certain aspects of life to other places I’ve been, like Ireland, Maine, Oregon, but the truth is, the sum of its parts is completely unique to anywhere I’ve ever been – and I’ve never seen some of these animals in zoos yet alone the wild before this trip.

Nature is preserved, Wildlife roams free and food is raised rather than manufactured.

And to me, that’s what makes Tasmania so special, its wild, and delicious!

Much more about Tasmania coming soon, including a behind the scenes look at where I stayed and some other fun activities!

If you have trouble viewing this video here, please watch it on the T2T YouTube Channel (and be sure to subscribe).


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  1. Jolina

    I missed the right season to visit Tasmania, it’s a pity. But I am glad your fantastic video guides me to travel the wonderful place! ??

  2. Xplorato

    OMG Tasmania looks like it would be such a great trip and rush that i am addding it to my list immediately 🙂 Great watch

  3. Amruta Telang

    Wonderful video. Nice experiences you have shared with us. I might plan to visit such a unique, calm place for family trip. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Piotr

    Love that video <3 It makes me wanna go there as soon as it's possible. Thanks for sharing it, I've already put Tasmania on my bucket list and can't wait to start organizing trip to this truly breathtaking place! 🙂

  5. Kathryn OHalloran

    I’m currently in Tasmania, from here originally and have returned home for a few months because of family issues. It’s a strange place really. So much good stuff like you mention but also a very conservative culture. Many of the locals can’t see beyond doing things the same way they have for generations even if that destroys what’s unique about the place.

  6. Ronny

    Definitely a different place than the big red interior of the main Australian continent … great video!

  7. Kelly

    Tasmania looks amazing!! Not even somewhere I’d have thought about going! Added to my bucket list now!!

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