3 Cruises I Want to Try Now

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Norway Fjords Cruise

Norway Fjords Cruise (photo via au.cruise.co)

Truth is, I’ve never considered taking a cruise. I picture tropical shirts and conga lines up and down the boat, which doesn’t exactly fit into my “travel deeper” mentality.

With that said, I am starting to learn that not all cruises are created equal. I have seen some of my travel peers embark on some pretty incredible cruise-based trips recently.

There are a ton of different options and destinations, along with great cruise deals available, so it’s time I give these floating holidays a second look.

Here are 5 cruises I would really love to try myself…

1. Baltic Cruise

This trip would include Norwegian Fjords, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and of course the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

I have taken a road trip in Iceland and seeing the fjords were definitely a highlight, and from what I’m told; the fjords of Norway are like nowhere else in the world!

Add that onto the castles of Copenhagen and palaces of St. Petersburg, and it sounds like a perfect adventure!

2. Alaska Cruise

The last frontier. The last great untouched American landscape. The Great Land. I want to discover grizzly bears, massive moose, and bald eagles.

My Grandparents actually did an Alaskan cruise a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I know, most people wouldn’t take travel advice from their grandparents, but mine have traveled all over the world.

3. Singapore to Southampton

One massive adventure from Asia to Western Europe. Starting in Singapore, there are cruises that go all the way through the middle east, with stops in Abu Dhabi, and make their way through Spain, Portugal, to England.

What a ride that would be – so many different cultures all just floating by.

Have you gone on a cruise? If not, are you interested? Let me know where!

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