Things to avoid in Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro’s famous Ipanema Beach

Brazil is one of the largest and most amazing countries in the world. Every year millions of tourists choose to visit this extraordinary place, but you have to be well prepared if you want to enjoy your Brazilian holiday without flaws. First of all you have to be aware what are the required travel documents. Travel Visa Pro can help you with that especially if you are in a need of a visa for your journey. Of course for a spectacular travel experience it is not enough to possess the right papers but equally to know which things you should avoid during your stay. This article guides you through the basic rules you need to follow in case of visiting Brazil.

To protect yourself you have to start exactly with protecting your body with the right creams and products. You do not want to have a sunburn or a million mosquito bites. For the sake of your health it is always good to be suspicious with street food and drinks, especially mixed seafood which is hard to identify. Furthermore do not drink cheap wine or any other alcoholic drinks. This topic lead to our next item your safety.

Brazil is wonderful but can be dangerous. Do not take unidentified drinks because they might not just be bad for your stomach but you can end up in some serious trouble. You should also avoid wearing your valuables where others can see them. This is valid for your camera, jewelry, credit card and cash. That is extremely true when you are at the beach, never leave your belongings unattended. If it is possible use the ATM only inside your hotel and not on the street. Once you are on the streets, do not take services from unmarked street taxis and city guides. You do not want to get into one of the favelas as they are not just only the cheap end of the city but very risky, too. It is key that you are prepared about the routes you want to use outside as getting help in English is not always easy and can lead you into the wrong direction. If you are a tourist it is a good idea not to wondering on the streets alone after dark. You have to be careful making new friends in the Brazil nightlife or accept a private invitation from a stranger.

Brazil is a crowded country where patient is an asset. You should not be impatient or hurry things as locals like to take their time. It is important that in Brazil you do not try speaking Spanish as their language is Portuguese. Additionally do not use the OK hand gesture because it means something pretty rude. Brazil is highly multicultural so you have to be very sensitive on speaking about racial, religious or cultural issues. Do not attempt guessing people’ cultural backgrounds from their looks. It is a huge country with several ethnic groups and several different climate. You have to think about which parts of the country are you planning to visit to pack the right clothing and shoes. You want to avoid freezing up to the mountains or getting sick.

Every traveller knows that beside the fun and joy of a foreign holiday there could be challenges and even danger. The most important things you have to take care of are your health and safety and it is as well essential that you are culturally aware. If you are cautious and take the necessary actions before and during your trip you can have a great time in Brazil. Have an amazing trip!

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