The Pros & Con of Living in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s the epitome of fun and sun. Just minutes away from baggage claim you’re sucked into the most incredible oceanfront skyline no matter what time of day you land. From Coronado to Pacific Beach, San Diego is the ultimate place to … Continued

Saying Goodbye

Moving is tough. Saying goodbye to your friends and family is even tougher. I’ve done it a lot over the last few weeks. I think the key to it all is to have a plan for the future. Something to look forward to. A return date is always great because then you have something concrete … Continued

Skype Talk

As of October 1st I am turning off my cell phone until I return to the states. I’ve signed up for Skype and threw $10 in the account. I transfered all my contacts from my phone to my Skype account so I can call anyone in the world from my computer and Skype will just deduct the cost … Continued

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Check the ISIC website to see if you are eligible to get a International Student Identity Card (ISIC). They’re great for travel discounts, food and many tourist destinations. I got mine a few years back when I studied abroad in London. hopefully I can get some sweet deals with this puppy again as I take off … Continued

Status Update: 1 Week Out

TOP CONCERNS 1. Getting into Buenos Aires on a 1-way ticket. 2. Travel Shots that I need to take before flying to South America. 3. Account receivable coming before the flight to Buenos Aires (money people owe me). 4. Managing financial accounts when I Work and Travel (Credit Cards, School Loans, Cell Phone) 5. How … Continued

VISA INFORMATION & “Proof of Departure”

My biggest concern over the last few weeks has been actually passing customs and getting into Argentina (legally). Argentina is relatively liberal towards American tourists but there are still rules and regulations that I need to be aware of before the trip. Because I only purchased a one-way ticket into Buenos Aires I’m afraid they … Continued

Shots Needed For South America

I am trying to figure out what shots I need to go into South America, in particular Argentina. I’m guessing I don’t need anything to wild because Buenos Aires is such a big city, but if I travel elsewhere (which I plan to do) I will need to be on top of my game. Here … Continued

Choosing a Hostel in Buenos Aires

I decided to book a hostel in Buenos Aires for the first few days in Buenos Aires so I can search for apartments, meet potential roommates and jump on the beds before I move in. I put together a Buenos Aires hostel checklist and read a bunch of reviews from hostels in Buenos Aires from … Continued

STA Travel Insurance

STA Travel is the ultimate in student travel information and services. I used them a lot when I studied abroad in London and they came through again with affordable travel insurance for my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although Let’s Go Buenos Aires said all Argentina health care is free (even to tourists) I want to make … Continued

Top 10 Reasons Why I Choose Buenos Aires

Why Buenos Aires? Wonderful Question… the simple answer is, I have no idea, Buenos Aires just popped in my head one day and wouldn’t get out. I saw Buenos Aires on the cover of Yahoo’s homepage during a time when I was thinking about branching out from work. After this I started seeing Buenos Aires … Continued

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