Halloween in Buenos Aires

Halloween isn’t celebrated as a national holiday in Argentina. You won’t see kids trick-or-treating in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and you won’t see stores decorated with cobwebs or skeletons like you would in the states. Luckily for us, bars and clubs in Buenos Aires still celebrate the holiday. So, a gang of Colombians, Argentines … Continued

Latin American Idol in Buenos Aires

Oh yeah that’s right, Latin American Idol! My friends Marcela and Tato work in production for the show so last night they took me to a taping that will air tonight. If you have a satellite that picks up channel 9 in Buenos Aires you can tune in and see me in the second row behind … Continued

La Bomba de Tiempo (Bump Time)

Last night a few Columbian friends and I went to La Bomba de Tiempo in Abasto. La Bomba de Tiempo is a group of drums formed by some of the most outstanding percusionists of Argentina. All their shows are improvised and they communicate through a language of signs, which is remarkable to watch. They’ve been performing concerts … Continued

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Time is Irrelevant

It’s 6:30am and the DJ is just starting to get into his rhythm as the 300 plus music-induced-party-goers of Club Niceto rage into the morning. Joints are passed around like ketchup at a picnic and the tranced mob seem to move in unison to the beat. The bass thumps through your entire body as time becomes … Continued

San Telmo Market w. The Girls

Sunday Mariangela, her friend Camila and I joined tourists and townies alike at the San Telmo Market. Despite the tourist traps and crowd it was awesome. Good music, fun street performers and great food. They have everything from fresh squeezed orange juice to old school cameras and televisions. At about 5pm people start clearing out their … Continued

Argentina Football: El Superclasico of Boca Juniors vs River Plate

Today was the Superclasico. The Superclasico is like a subway series like Cubs/White Sox or Yanks/Mets with a Super Bowl like status on steriods. It’s a game held once a year between the 2 most successful Argentine Soccer Clubs, Boca Juniors and River Plate. I can’t begin to explain what the game was like because tickets were virtually unavailable. … Continued

My Rides in Buenos Aires

Taxi, Train, Bus and the Subway… that’s how I get around. Taxi’s are pretty easy and cheap as long as you can talk to the cab driver and tell him where your going. I usually write down the address and cross street just in case he can’t understand my “english accent”. I can get around … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: The Tranqui Yanqui

We met this American character known as the “Tranqui Yanqui” (Yankee) at DuiDui Bar in Palermo this past weekend. Here’s a shot of Cathrine and him showing off his Tranqui Yanqui products. Interesting… Check out more travel photos from Nightlife in Buenos Aires. Related Post Buenos Aires: A Week in Photos Late Nights & Nice … Continued

Status Update: 3 Weeks In

STATUS UPDATE: Food: I run on eggs, pizza, big home-cooked carne lunches, empanadas, facturas (sweet croissants) and Malbec wine. I miss peanut butter and fresh turkey cold cuts. Physical Status: Slender, healthy, hairy. Mental Status: Overwhelmed, focused, driven. Spanish Speaking Ability: A sentence is a tough thing to make. Knowledge of Buenos Aires: 2 out of … Continued

Late Nights & Nice Tights

This weekend I got to check out a few new spots around Buenos Aires and went to my first Argentine House Party in San Telmo (pictured above). Thursday, I went to this new bar called DUIDUI in Palermo Hollywood… which was a great time (despite it’s uncomfortable name). It was cool because there was no sign outside and … Continued

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