Planning a Friend’s Visit to Buenos Aires

On Thursday night one of my best friends from college, Nick Greco, will be flying into Buenos Aires to visit for 2 weeks. I figure it’s gotta be a step in the right direction of becoming a “townie” if I show people around my city. He’s an excellent karaoke singer and proven wing-man so things should get … Continued

Week 1 at Work: A Bloody Mess!

Last night I finished up my first week of bartending at Buller Pub in Recoleta. I’m a bit drained but pumped for the connections and Spanish practice I’ll have through this job. I still have a ton of names to remember but I think I came up with a good system. I find characteristics about the … Continued

Anthony Bourdain in Argentina

  Anthony Bourdain en Argentina from Mauro Duarte on Vimeo. The last few days I’ve been searching around the internet for the full episode of the Travel Channel show No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain visits Argentina. I’m a big fan of the show and I wanted to see where I stacked up against Anthony Bourdain after being … Continued

¿Dónde me Trajiste?

We started last thursday night confused and uncomfortable and ended it singing Elvis with the owners, the band and special guest musician, Diego Aloras. The place was a traditional Argentine home with open air walkways and 7 tables scattered throughout 3 rooms. The band was two guys with guitars who invited a guest musician in every … Continued

Status Update: 7 Weeks Deep

STATUS UPDATE: The T2T Fan Club is Growing Food: Trying new places to switch up from empanadas, pizza and meat. I eat Choripan like its my job. Physical Status: Need to exercise more and get on somewhat of a normal sleep schedule. Mental Status: Overwhelmed, Anxious, Excited Spanish Speaking Ability: I can piece together words and … Continued

Tom Cruise from Cocktail it is…

I decided to follow the work and travel advice of a best friend and my sister and take a job slinging bottles here in Buenos Aires. Although i’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, his role in the 1988 box office classic, Cocktail, inspired me to pursue this new venture. Thanks to my basketball buddy Anibal, I … Continued

La Noche de los Museos

On Saturday night, I ventured out to the Noche de Los Museos “Night of the Museums”, which is basically a city-wide free cultural festival that’s held once a year in Buenos Aires. At first, I was disappointed to find out that Ben Stiller would not be in attendance, but once that passed it turned out to be … Continued

Random Parade in Buenos Aires

  I was walking around downtown Buenos Aires Sunday afternoon minding my own business, when I literally ran into this random parade coming around a corner. I still have no idea what it was for but it ended up consuming my entire afternoon. I followed it from Peru Avenue to Plaza de Mayo where it was … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Lunch Time!

I caught this Argentine gaucho taking a break from his asado duties to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor at the Fiesta de la Tradicion in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. See more travel photos from our day at the Fiesta de la Tradicion in San Antonio de Areco. GarethMy name is Gareth … Continued

The Top 5 Best Places to Study in Buenos Aires

For the past month and a half I’ve been searching for the best places around Buenos Aires to study Spanish notes. I figured the best way for me to learn the language and experience the city (during the day) was to combine the two. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite places to study … Continued

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