T2T Hall of Fame: Prince Akeem & Semmi

February’s T2T Hall of Fame Inductee goes to Prince Akeem and Semmi from Coming to America. These two affluent African men left their comfortable lifestyles in search of adventure, opportunity and a wife that will arose intellect as well as loins! They lived, worked and dressed like townies! They had some good lost in translation moments … Continued

Turning Lemons into Lemonade in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Imagine yourself driving home from a nice evening out on the town. Maybe you had a big dinner with friends, drank some wine and had a few laughs. Now imagine as you’re heading back to your condo or hotel along the water you notice a commotion in the distance. You look closer and see something … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Punta del Este, Uruguay

I think this was the only calm moment I had during a wild weekend in Punta del Este Uruguay. Our hotel was footsteps from the beautiful Uruguayan beaches but the city was pretty quiet after the holiday madness that occurs in Punta del Este every year. Read all about how we turned Lemons into Lemonade … Continued

The Best of Buenos Aires: Summer Edition

Despite the constant sweat and weird smells coming from the Subte, summer in Buenos Aires has been nothing short of spectacular . I’ve experienced a lot of great things here in the city over the last few months and I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots. After you read this list please recommend … Continued

A Real Look into Rosario, Argentina

When the bus came into the city of Rosario I knew immediately I was in for a change of pace and scenery. The first thing I saw were boney horses tied up on the side of the road eating garbage and groups of “homes” put together with shrap metal and plywood. About a month ago … Continued

Japanese Gardens for Valentine’s Day

Even though they don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day here in Buenos Aires I was in need of some afternoon delight last Sunday so I decided to take a lady friend over to the Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens (jardin japones) in Palermo. It was a great idea except there was ton of people. It would have … Continued


I haven’t done a STATUS UPDATE in awhile so I feel like I should take a minute to get myself organized and briefly fill everyone in on progress of the Tourist2townie.com mission. It seems crazy to be writing this 4 and a half months in. It honestly feels like i’ve been here for 2 weeks. … Continued

26 Years in the Making

Never in a million years (or 26) did I think I’d be spending my birthday like this. Partying it up with lifelong friends that I’d had only met a few months ago. It was great having so many of the people who’ve helped make this an amazing adventure together in one place. (we missed you Mariangela … Continued

Health Care in Argentina

For the past week I’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctors offices around Buenos Aires. Nothing major, I just had a cyst on my upper back that had gotten infected and needed to be removed. Gross I know, but I’m all about full disclosure. The whole event has pretty much ruled out any … Continued

MALBA – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

Monday I took a break from the chaos of class and work and took a lady friend to check out the MALBA Art Museum in Palermo Chico. For the past few months they have had a great Andy Warhol Exibit up that I’ve been wanting to check out. Simply put… It was impressive. That was the first … Continued

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