Argentina Football: River vs Argentinos

Last week the biggest match of the Argentine Football (futbol, soccer) season took place at La Bombonera (Boca Juniors Stadium) in La Boca. The bi-annual Superclásico between the two biggest Argentine football clubs (Boca Juniors vs. River Plate) was undoubtedly the biggest topic of conversation in Buenos Aires both before and after the match. However, even after … Continued

The Art of the Kiss

Greeting like an Argentine is a vital part in the path to becoming a townie. I decided to create this instructional video one day at work to demonstrate the do’s and dont’s of giving a good salutation here in Buenos Aires. I also explain some of the mistakes I have made and some things you … Continued

Discount Cards in Buenos Aires

I’m a sucker for checking out new restaurants and nightspots here in Buenos Aires. I literally have a 3-page list of places on my fridge at home that I have been told to check out. The only problem with all this is that I have a never ending battle between desire and budget. The past … Continued

St. Patrick’s Day w/ The BA Pub Crawl

St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires is surprisingly a pretty big celebration. They block off the streets downtown in Microcentro and tons of people get in touch with their inner Irishman. Most of the madness is centered around the famous Kilkenny Irish Pub where they put on a huge celebration every year. However, I decided to … Continued

The Real State of Beef in Argentina

Every blog and tourist website you read has something to say about the steak here in Buenos Aires, mine included. The hype around steak in Argentina has been pumped up for years and tourists thrive on trying to put down a Bife de Chorizo the size of their heads. There is no doubt the carne … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Police on Guard

I (quickly) took this photo at the Racing vs Huracan match in Buenos Aires. Football in Argentina is no joke and neither are the police who keep the peace during a riot-ready stadium of Argentine football fanatics. View all photos of Football in Argentina Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Velez vs River Argentine Football GarethMy name … Continued

Tourist 2 Townie Featured on BBC Blogworld

Gareth Leonard & on BBC Blogworld – Thursday, 11 March 2010 A few weeks ago I was contacted by Paul Coletti of the BBC who explained they had a new feature at BBC called BBC Blogworld Superpower. Blogworld features different blogs and travel blogs from around the world. He asked If I would be interested in shooting a … Continued

Hidden Gems in San Isidro

To me, everything along the river in San Isidro feels like a hidden gem. To access most of the restaurants, pubs and riverside shopping areas you must make your way through residential neighborhoods and shopping plazas. As you pass by these magnificent homes towards the water you can see these elaborate summer gardens through the gates … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Butterflies in Palermo

Cruising around Palermo after a great lunch at Las Cabras, my roommate Sergio and I put on an impromptu photo shoot with some awesome Buenos Aires graffiti. Check out all the Buenos Aires graffiti photos.   Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Room 102 FOTO FRIDAY: Stop & Smell GarethMy name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director … Continued

Football in Argentina – Racing vs Huracán

The second official tournament of the year, the Clausura, is well under way here in Argentina. Most Argentina football teams are about 6 games in on their 19 game season and the madness is in full swing. Last night I ventured out to Racing for my first game of the season with my Italian buddy, Marco. He … Continued

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