Three Romantic Destinations in Australia

Australia is awash with holiday destinations – especially for adventurers, daredevils, environmentalists and backpackers. Surfing, skydiving, camping and hiking are high up on the list for many. But where do you go for a unique romantic getaway? There are plenty of places to watch a dazzling sunrise or sunset, share a special glass of wine … Continued

Must Read Information About Argentina

I think no matter what country you live in or are going to visit you should have at least some understanding of the recent history, events and people who have shaped the society into what it is today. I have been holding back for awhile now about writing anything political, economic or social about Argentina or Buenos … Continued

Spanish, Chapter 4: Bueno, Entonces…

First, I tried the private classes with Cecilia, which were great for getting me into the swing of things when I first arrived. However, I soon found out that I needed more structural help than conversational practice. So, I switched over to group Spanish classes at BASP. The 2-week intensive program helped me get a grasp on … Continued

Boca Juniors Stadium: Access Denied

Sunday night was perfect for a football match. The air was crisp and the moon was full. I had been warned many times to be careful going to La Bombonera (Boca Juniors Football Stadium) at night and to bring only the basics. So, with a gray zip up hoodie, blue t-shirt (for Boca), limited money, stealth-mode … Continued


New travel photos from around Palermo, Buenos Aires, new basketball spot at the Armenia Club in Palermo, night out with the Buller Pub crew @Makena, random images from my collectivo ride to Belgrano, Chinatown (round 2) and secret telo money shots!!! Enjoy! Click Here to See All Travel Photos Related Post Buenos Aires: A Random Week … Continued

Shhhh… Don’t Telo!

***UNCENSORED*** Sunday was a great day. I learned that tofu is still disgusting and mirrors on ceilings are amazing. I met a lady friend over in Barrio Chino for some delightful asian cuisine and followed it up with a little afternoon delight in a Belgrano telo. I know what you’re thinking… is he really going … Continued

Travel Insurance Coverage: Medical Coverage and Trip Protection

Insurance can come in many different forms and provide coverage for many reasons. One aspect of life that should be insured is travel, and no doubt you will be looking for the cheapest travel insurance too. A lot of things could happen that would cause travelers to incur additional expenses. There actually are several kinds … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: A Mother’s Approval

Nothing like a mother’s approval, especially when it comes to fresh fish out of the lakes of Palermo park in Buenos Aires. Look closely at the young boy showing mom and dad his catch of the day. Nothing beats hanging out in the parks of Palermo in Buenos Aires on a weekend just people watching … Continued

Melbourne Day Trips

The eclectic and alternative nature of Melbourne makes it one of the Australia’s most desirable vacation destinations. The vibrant town has all sorts of a sweet nightlife options, complete with a stack of solid establishments to wet the whistle and fill the belly. But it’d be a mistake to adhere to the boundaries of the … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 3: The Frustration

As mentioned in the 6-month Status Update, my formal Spanish lessons have been put on hold as of late due to tight funds. I have been working on a proposal to trade Spanish classes for marketing services but to be honest, I just haven’t finished it yet. Even without classes, I’m still learning a ton … Continued

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