FOTO FRIDAY: The Beautiful Iruya, Argentina

Rocio & I woke up in beautiful Tilcara at the Malka Hostel and walked down to the Municipal Market for breakfast. From there we hit the road on our wild ride to the secluded village of Iruya. We finished the day in Humahuaca at the Monumento al Indio. Check out all the photos of Iruya … Continued

Flying Solo vs Couple’s Adventure

So many travellers I speak to say that travelling with their partner is less fun than going alone, be that because said partner snores like a trombone, or because their presence stops you from making as many friends as you might do by yourself. That said, there are plenty of successful travel blogger couples, and … Continued

Exploring the History and Beauty of Malta

Malta is an area rich in history and for the traveler that loves ancient history of the world, Malta has some of the largest concentrations of ancient architecture in the world. For those of you that have never been to Malta, below are some of things you should check out on your visit there. Valletta … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Salinas Grandes

We rented a car in San Salvador de Jujuy to explore the provence of Jujuy. We started at the incredible Salt Deserts (Salinas Grandas) and then checked out Purmamarca and the Cerro de los Siete Colores (7-color hill). We ended up in Tilcara at the Malka Hostel after some amazing Locro and live music down … Continued

When Worlds Collide

The realm of the last minute deals is one the well-versed traveller does not come into contact with all too often – in terms of booking them that is. Many people on round the world trips (especially for the first time) have an itinerary with most of the long haul flights booked months before they … Continued

Weird Vietnam

When getting to know Vietnam, as with anywhere, the weird stuff always stands out. Obviously the umbrella term ‘weird stuff’ can encompass a wide range of things, from foods, to museums, to road signs. It’s the little weird things on your travels that really breathe life into the experiences you have along the way. Here … Continued

Placate your Mate with these Extreme Tips

Have you got a mate who worries you a bit? Do they discuss jumping off tall buildings while attached to a thin bit of rope? Or do they enjoy pacing through the woods for hours at a time, careering through mud tracks, before boarding a helicopter and jumping out when it reaches a stomach-churning height? … Continued

Wonders in Kauai Exposed

Known as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai is smaller and less populated than Oahu, Maui, or the Big Island, yet it has the most beaches per square mile of any of Hawaii’s islands. Spanning five distinct ecosystems, it’s a land of lush green tropics, white-sand beaches and stunning natural wonders. Although it is Hawaii’s oldest island, … Continued

Artistic Amsterdam: How Will the City Fare Without its Green Gimmick?

What’s the first thing that everyone thinks when they hear the word ‘Amsterdam?’ Well, a couple of instant associations spring to mind, but without a doubt the most infamous cultural stereotype is the sale of marijuana and, in general, drug tourism. (Yes, there is another form of tourism, but we’ll leave the likes of that … Continued


I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about the fun things that come with the marriage process. Not only do you get to have a big party with all your friends and family, but you also get to escape to an exotic location and not worry about … Continued

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