4 Great Graffiti Cities Around the World

One of my favorite things about traveling to a new city is getting to see all the different culturally significant factors within the side streets and away from all the tourist traps. One great way to see a new city like a local is to check out the street art and graffiti scene around different … Continued

Miami’s Art Deco Architecture

Beneath the modern-day veil of hip hop glam, conspicuous consumption, and Russian oligarchs, you will find in Miami one of the most thoroughly Art Deco cities in America. So iconic is art deco architecture for Miami, that in 1976 a group called the Miami Design Preservation League formed to protect the city’s most historically important … Continued

Miami Art Deco – South Beach Information

Following the austerity of world war one, the art deco movement was a bold artistic style that grew up through the 1920s. In the 1930s the style reached Miami’s South Beach, and influenced the architectural style of the buildings that went up in this neighbourhood. Today, this collection of Art Deco style buildings is a … Continued

The Best Florida Vacation (on a budget)

As weather started to cool off in good ‘ol Rochester New York last week, I convinced myself that some “training” was in order in preparation for my next adventure. So with a little planning and 2 very low-key visits to the tanning booth (It didn’t help), I caught a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on … Continued

Five Hidden Gems of Orlando

Disney World and Universal Studios Resort might be some of Florida’s main attractions, but some of the state’s hidden gems are just as worthy of exploration. P.S. Don’t forget about your accommodation! For some great ideas check out the range of villas in Florida with Florida4Less! Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo Ever swum to your … Continued

Plan Your Next Vacation in the Sunny Tampa

Maybe Miami and Orlando get all the attention for being such hot spots for night life and theme parks, respectively, but Tampa has a lot going on as well for those who wish to come and check it out. Here are a few points for the first time Tampa Bayer. Check Out Tampa’s Amusement Parks … Continued

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