The Greatness of Hidden Gems

The very essence of travel is the discovery and exploration of new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Some choose the beaten path, the most popular hostels and follow the “top tourist attractions” lists, while others opt for remote locations, gor-tex sleeping bags and Bear Grylls travel tips. No matter what your means … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Where’s the Queso?

Caught you peaking! They’re not ready yet. Check out more photos of Santa Marta Colombia Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Shots for Tots If I had a Castle… FOTO FRIDAY: The Colombian Countryside FOTO FRIDAY: Botero’s Cavity Search The Walls of Cartagena GarethMy name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion … Continued

The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

From the Northern Bus Terminal in Medellin to the Central Bus Station in Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast of Colombia it takes just over 18 hours by bus. From the doorstep of our hotel room to the first step into the cold caribbean sea it takes exactly 6 minutes.  It takes just over 5 … Continued

Day Trip to Guatapé & La Piedra

The two hour bus ride to Gautape was undeniably uncomfortable. The bus swayed as the aggressive driver swerved motos and taxis as he traversed his way up the mountains and out of site from Medellin. The guy sitting next to me undoubtably smelled like old tobacco and fresh wet dog. In exchange for his odor … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Dogs Day Afternoon

After snapping this little piece of eye candy I crossed the street to keep walking around Envigado and that son of a bitch little dog jumped up and started barking like I was gunna bum-rush the door. He must not of wanted his photos uploaded to facebook… fair enough. The old lady on the other … Continued

Top 5 Volunteering Destinations in Asia

Volunteering abroad was popularized many years ago because of the people who want to volunteer and enjoy a travel adventure at the same time. Now, many organizations such as Go Discover Abroad already offer volunteer travel experience to various destinations worldwide. Some destinations are just well-known because of a wide range of programs available and … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 5: Getting Organized

It feels good getting back into using my second tongue. I’m still far from fluent but I’m starting to grasp the vocab and dialect I need to have a decent conversation. One of my major goals for this trip in Colombia is to get my words organized and get a better understanding of the correct structure … Continued

Photo Tour: Pablo Escobar’s Medellin

Medellin is synonymous with the name Pablo Escobar, it’s un-deniable. Whether you’re familiar with Vinny Chase’s poor performance on Entourage, or you’re fascinated with the underworld like I am, you know the name. Pablo Escobar is one of the most notorious criminals that has ever walked this earth. Supplying drugs all over the world, he became … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: My Office in Medellin

This photo is from the terrace of my new apartment in Envigado. Who said you can’t build an empire with a view? Check out more photos of Medellin, Colombia Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Shots for Tots FOTO FRIDAY: The Colombian Countryside FOTO FRIDAY: Botero’s Cavity Search FOTO FRIDAY: A Peak into Cartagena FOTO FRIDAY: Sunset … Continued

First Impressions of Medellin, Colombia

Like every travel agent and Colombian guidebook will tell you, “Medellin is one of Colombia’s safest cities”. One of Colombia’s safest cities who, in 2010, had the highest increase in violence of Colombia’s urban centers. Although the Medellin River splits through the heart of the city, distinctly dividing central areas and neighborhoods, I don’t think … Continued

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