My Next South American Travel Adventure

A few hours ago I booked a flight from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Quito, Ecuador to depart on October 5th. Ecuador is where I’ll begin my next South American travel adventure. Ecuador isn’t where I’ll be staying the entire time. In an effort to continuously travel deeper and grow personally, the focus on this next … Continued

Let the Pan American Highway take you back in time

The thought of driving anywhere in Latin America is certainly a daunting one but one which if you’re visiting Peru you may want to consider. Whilst it’s not for the feint-hearted, it is a wonderful way to explore everything the region has to offer and brings with it the experience of a lifetime. Doing your … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: San Diego Pandas

It’s a rainy day here in Rochester, New York. Hurricane Irene is about to crush the east coast and I’m day dreaming about life back in sunny San Diego. One of my favorite things to do in San Diego was to venture down to the San Diego Zoo and hang out with their incredible residents. … Continued

San Diego: Sun, Surf, Sand and Suds?

When you think of San Diego, the first thing that comes to mind is the year round mild weather, beautiful, beautiful sandy beaches and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. You may be surprised to know that San Diego has become home to over 60 breweries and growing. These innovative brews are catching on … Continued

The Most Beautiful American Road Trip

A few years back, while living in San Diego, I had the opportunity to soak up all the beautiful curves of Rt. 1 on a 2-day road trip to San Francisco. As I sit here now, recovering from my Road Trip hangover and planning my next adventure, I find myself reflecting on past experiences and … Continued

7 Reasons Why Chicago is the Greatest City in America

Denver and Salt Lake City have fresh air and outdoor adventure, San Diego and Miami have awesome beaches and nightlife, San Francisco and Seattle have great food and brilliant minds and New York… well, they have a ton of everything. But, in my completely skewed opinion, none of these cities add up to what I … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Park City Alpine Coaster

If you ask a local in Park City when the best time to visit would be, a large majority would tell you without hesitation, “the summer for sure”! Despite the incredible snow season and kick-ass ski resorts, locals love Park City in the summer time because there’s a ton of cool stuff going on. There’s … Continued

Un Dia En La Vida – Medellin, Colombia

While I’m happy to be home visiting friends and family for a few months, putting together this little piece really made me miss life back in Medellin. The music, food, language, culture and women… I fell in love with Colombia in the 5 short months of living in Medellin and I can’t wait to get … Continued

The Great American Road Trip* Results

View The Great American Road* Trip – 2011 in a larger map The last few months have been chaotic and wonderful. In mid-April I returned to New York from Medellin for a best friend’s wedding. After the festivities I decided to stay in the States to explore my own backyard between work and more weddings. … Continued

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