Picking Canada’s top 100 natural attractions would be hard enough, picking just four is a very tall order indeed. Here’s our favourites to get the argument started. 1. CANADA’S WEST – LAKE LOUISE Nature is so all encompassing in Canada even the cities are overflowing with it! Bears wander the trails of Grouse Mountain just … Continued

The Best Weekend Breaks from London

Although London has a lot to offer both to visitors and residents, just occasionally we all need a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital and a chance to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life.  With handy airports surrounding the city, it’s possible to find some of the cheapest flights to all … Continued

Volunteering at the Monkey Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador

The trip to Paseos Los Monos almost never happened. I was enjoying my time in Baños and questioned if the hour bus trip to Puyo for a typical, over-staged monkey photo was worth it. I was also a bit hesitant to see how tourists and staff interacted with the monkeys, seeing too much poor treatment … Continued

Best Off-Road Tours in the World

The best way to see to visit any area is to get off the beaten track. It’s only then that you can see the best of what an area has to offer by way of its people, it’s customs and of course, the scenery. That’s a great deal of motivation when planning a vacation, as … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Devouring Guinea Pig (Cuy)

Cuenca was the final stop on my Ecuador adventure and I had yet to experience the most famous of Ecuadorian cuisine, the guinea pig or cuy. I had the opportunity to taste these little bastards on numerous occasions from street stalls and restaurants around Ecuador but had managed to dodge them until this point. On … Continued

Top European City Break Destinations

Europe is such a great place to enjoy a city break. Not only, after all, are countries like France, Germany and Italy so close to us here in the UK, but they also offer some of the most rounded and fascinating cities to be found anywhere on the planet. London We might as well start … Continued

France’s Top Ski Resorts

Of all of the reasons to visit France, to skiing the French Alps must be a seriously good one. After all, France remains resoundingly popular among British holiday makers, and when one considers the variety of skiing on offer in the country as well as how well-equipped its resorts are, that should not perhaps be … Continued

Visual Highlights from Baños, Ecuador

Tucked under the shadow of Ecuador’s largest volcano, high up in the Ecuadorian Andes lies the beautiful town of Baños. Baños is named for the Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water, Nuestra Señora del Agua Santa and features an incredible Basilica in the middle of town that was built from volcanic rock after an eruption of … Continued

A Brief Guide to Portuguese Culture

Before travelling to any country, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the local culture before you set off. Now, I know Portugal isn’t too far away from the UK and, given that it’s a European country, you might think you know enough already, but it’s still worth making sure you’re familiar with … Continued

Travel Guru: A Guide to Health and Travel Gear Insurance

Health and equipment insurance for travelers is a very important topic and it’s something that I can’t seem to find a whole lot of definitive information about. Like any type of insurance, a decent policy depends on your individual circumstances and finding that is a matter of prying through all the gray matter insurance companies … Continued

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