4 Wonderful Cities to Spend Christmas Around The World

I’m a sucker for Christmas! I love the lights, the songs and all the festivities that come along with it.  More than anything, I love the warm feeling I get on that cold day in December when the snow falls outside and everybody gathers around the dinner table to pig out. The more I travel, … Continued

The 57th BFI London Film Festival

The 57th British Film Institute London Film Festival is running this year between the 9th and the 20th of October and it promises to be, as usual, the absolute tops in entertainment for anyone interested in film. Whether it is screenings or seminars, there is something for everyone and with venues taking part all over … Continued

Top Ten Theme parks in the UK

The UK offers visitors to these shores a wide range of theme parks, some based close to a historic house, some that have grown from their seaside fun fair origins. Whether you are planning to tour the UK, or to base yourself in one area, then a visit to a theme park is likely to … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: View from the Bell Tower

On my last day in Huanchaco, Peru I decided to take my typical sunset stroll around town to snap some picks and enjoy the cool evening breeze. There was a small church that sat back above the city, so I cruised up to get a better view of the ocean below. I was walking around … Continued

Tainted Love in Cuenca

I wanted to love you. I wanted you to be like people said you would. I was tired of running around and ready for a relationship. You introduced me around town and fed me well. Your tranquility was comforting and at night your face lit up when I went downtown. You seduced me with your … Continued

Ideas for a Perfect Holiday Getaway

While it is true that much of the world celebrates holidays other than Christmas around this time of year, it’s still quite evident that December is the biggest and most popular holiday month on the calendar. Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, or call it Xmas, this time of year is all about … Continued

Eyeball Treats from Mancora, Peru

Like being greeted with glass of champagne, Peru welcomed me to Mancora with sand and sunshine. Something I accepted gratefully after weeks of gray skies and rain in Cuenca, Ecuador (especially in El Cajas). As mentioned in the November Update, I was so excited about soaking in the sun and devouring Peruvian ceviche that I … Continued

November Update: Penetrating Peru

After a month in Ecuador, I was ready to take my relationship with South America to the next level and head south to Peru. Sunny beaches and Peruvian cuisine were what I desired most and I jumped into both with reckless abandonment. A wicked sunburn and traveler’s diarrhea were the inevitable conclusion. After moderating my sun … Continued

Exploring the Pre-Columbian Civilizations of Peru

The work of planning a holiday to Peru For every holiday seeker who follows the straight and narrow when it comes to planning a two-week trip, there is the counterpart who likes to think outside the box and beyond the borders. You might be into mountain biking and deep sea fishing, while your partner might … Continued

Top Destinations to Visit in Peru

Peru is a truly beautiful South American nation. With gorgeous natural scenery, a vibrant culture, bustling cities and traditional villages, historical landmarks and plenty of ecological tours, the area is ideal for all kinds of holidays. Whether your interests are historical or if hiking is your passion, Peru offers something for everyone. A company that … Continued

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