A Wet and Wild Carnival in Sucre

On one of my first nights in Sucre I had dinner on the balcony of a lovely little restaurant overlooking the city’s main square. As I gazed out across the beautiful gardens and sidewalks that lined the plaza I noticed something really disturbing. A group of young college kids were hurling water balloons across the … Continued

Getting off the Beaten Track in Hotels around Brazil

Traveling round Brazil is an experience not easily forgotten. The culture, the history, the people, the atmosphere – it all blends together to create an experience many travelers never forget, and makes them return again and again. If you’re thinking of traveling to Brazil, one of the first things you will have to sort out … Continued

Top Rock Climbing and Hiking Destinations in South Africa

South Africa is known for offering some of the best rock climbing and hiking locations in the world. Every year large numbers of international tourists come to explore its mountain wildernesses and take part in many different types of hiking and rock climbing activities. As South Africa is a democracy, holidaying and touring here is … Continued

February Update: Celebrating in Sucre

February found my suitcase stored in the closet and my feet securely rooted in Sucre. A figure known as Carnival cast its giant shadow over everything this month, resulting in little productivity here in Bolivia throughout February. I celebrated the festivities with local friends as we danced in the streets, drank leche de tigre (coconut, … Continued

Las Vegas: The Pleasures of an Artificial World

The glittering skyline of Las Vegas is straight out of a science fiction film. Where else can you see the Statue of Liberty, a giant pyramid, the great Sphinx, a volcano, Paris and Venice all painstakingly recreated in the same place? Las Vegas holidays are all about the pleasures of make-believe. Let’s not forget the … Continued

Casino Vacation Ideas

When it comes to holiday destinations where you can combine relaxation with the adrenaline rush of playing casino games, most people will think immediately of Las Vegas. The resort in Nevada has become perhaps the most famous gambling centre in the world – although denizens of Monte Carlo might have something to say about that … Continued

How To Gamble Like a Local in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, and rightfully so. The shows, parties, buffets and attractions are absolutely incredible and the city proves time and time again why they attract such big crowds. What happens when you want to escape the crowds though? What happens when you want a … Continued

A Visit to the Mob Museum

The history of American gangsters is fantastically outlined, told and experienced at the new Las Vegas Mob Museum. Appealing to tourists who want to get away for more than gambling and partying, Las Vegas’ newest high-tech experiential museum is part theme park, part history book and part pop-culture shrine. With stunning interactive displays, the museum … Continued

Waking Up in Vegas: Daylight Guide to the City of Sin

Think of Las Vegas and the first images to pop into your head are likely to be the iconic skyline, glittering like a lost oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Neon lights, all night casinos pumped with fresh air, Elvis impersonators, and a hangover you’re unlikely to forget: all great reasons to plan a … Continued

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