5 Must-See Destinations on a Cruise to Scandinavia and the Baltic

The region of Scandinavia is located in northern Europe, and it typically refers to the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway collectively. With the Scandinavian region’s expansive coastline on the Baltic Sea, a relaxing cruise vacation is the ideal way to explore this region in more detail. Known for its spectacular culture, history and natural … Continued

Things to do in Cuba

With plenty of things to do in Cuba, Cuba should be a top destination for all adventurers. Those who visit and tour Cuba are certain to appreciate the musical aspects of this Caribbean island. In fact, the music of Cuba is so intoxicating that most visitors are unaware of the musical history, which is a … Continued

Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

My biggest goal while living in Medellin, Colombia was to trade in my gringo shuffle for some latin coordination by taking salsa lessons during the day and practicing on unsuspecting Colombian women at night. Unlike the States, you can’t go to a nightclub and just sit around. Dancing is a must if you want to meet … Continued

How to Meet People in Chicago When You’re Traveling Solo

Solo travel is a common things, whether you’re traveling alone by choice, on business or maybe just all of your friends hate Chicago. In which case, you should get new friends anyways. Luckily, there are a lot of friendly people in Chicago, and tons of ways to make a new friend, even if it’s just … Continued

How To Find Luxurious Yet Affordable Hotels In Chicago

Are you looking to find a luxurious yet affordable hotel in Chicago? Well, firstly, you should know that hotels in Chicago are perfectly situated close to major tourist attractions so that holidaymakers can explore the Windy City to the fullest. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get great hotel deals in this city: Read … Continued

The Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Chicago

Ah, the Windy City. Many people think there’s a lot to love about this place, while of course there are others who are very wrong who think there’s nothing to love about it at all. To each his own. If you’ve never been to the city, then there’s no way to really know for yourself, … Continued

Travel the Windy City in Two Whirlwind Days

With busy work schedules and short weekends, we sometimes get caught up in the work atmosphere of life and forget to take a break every once and a while. While we often wish we could travel all the time, sometimes it is just not an option. However there are several alternatives to week long vacations … Continued

Extreme Sports for Backpackers

It’s the trip of a lifetime. You’ll see places you only ever dreamed of, meet some of the most intriguing people anywhere on the planet and be witness to the true wonders of the world. Heading to far-flung destinations with your life on your back will open your eyes and help you learn a lot … Continued

How to Find Your Roots: Seeking Ancestors Abroad

Canada, like many “daughter” countries, has received immigrants from hundreds of nations throughout our history. For some, travelling back overseas to find what life in the old country was like is a great way to spend a foreign holiday. Let’s look at some advice for travellers hoping to retrace their ancestor’s footprints. Give Yourself Plenty … Continued

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