Most Luxurious Beach Resorts in Kandara Bali

How would you like to wake up in Bali? Hailed as the most visitor-friendly island in all of Indonesia by Lonely Planet, this beach vacation hotspot was made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love in 2006 and the subsequent 2010 film adaptation. Since then, this island has exploded onto the international tourism scene with … Continued

Europe’s Best Cities For Nightlife

  There are all sorts of reasons to travel around Europe, but chief among them is to simply let loose and enjoy yourself. In keeping with this idea, many travellers heading to various popular destinations in Europe find themselves seeking out the best clubbing areas and nightlife scenes the continent has to offer. To give … Continued

Prettiest Beaches in Mexico

Boasting 10,000km of coastline, it’s really no surprise that Mexico is a popular holiday spot among worshippers of the sun, sand and sea. While enjoying coastal vacations in this idyllic part of the world, you can experience soft, white beaches and crystal clear waters. Some areas are particularly renowned for their beautiful beaches. So, if … Continued

The Art of Drinking Mate in Argentina

Drinking and sharing Mate in Argentina is one of the most beloved traditions in Latin America. An employee at the hostel I stayed at when I first arrived in Buenos Aires introduced me to the mate culture, and from that point forward, I’ve developed an appreciation (and taste) for what this powerful tea signifies for … Continued

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