The Pool Parties of South Beach Miami

Along with pulled pork and Rihanna playlists, pool parties are one of my life’s great passions. I live for hot summer days with friends, cocktails, music and lots of bikinis (admiring not modeling). I have been fortunate enough to experience some of this country’s most incredible pool parties in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las … Continued

The Best Steakhouse in Miami Beach

I don’t usually write (or video) about restaurants, but today I’m going to make an exception. Restaurants in Miami Beach are a dime-a-dozen, so it takes a special passion and dedication to the craft to separate one dining option from the next. On my last trip to South Beach in Miami, I was invited by … Continued

How to Make the Most out of your Visit to the Sunshine State

The state of Florida more than lives up to its unofficial title; the subtropical climate that prevails throughout the north and central regions (the south is truly tropical) means hours and hours of sunshine, which nurtures golden tans and nourishes the vast orange groves that characterize the place. Once a swampy wilderness, it is now … Continued

The Beauty of Old San Juan [15 Photos]

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a diverse metropolis that caters to both travelers and vacationers alike. If you’re looking for sun, sand and umbrella drinks, than the high-end resorts of Condado and Isla Verde are right up your ally. They’re clean, accommodating and everybody speaks English, so you can vacation just like you’re anywhere else … Continued

Nature Adventures at El Toro Negro Rainforest in Puerto Rico

Lush green vegetation, steep hillsides and cascading waterfalls were the perfect contrast to the sandy beaches and cozy accommodations back at the San Juan Marriott. A 7am departure wasn’t an ideal match for the all-night Puerto Rican dance parties, but the fresh rainforest air quickly trumped the urge to retreat back into my plush king … Continued

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