Best Natural Excursions from Brasilia

The capital city of Brasilia isn’t high on the priority list for many foreign travelers in Brazil. It’s quiet, organized, and focused around the political and judicial operations of the country. This was President Kubitschek’s goal when he moved the capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia in the 1950’s – to get away from … Continued

The Perfect Road Trip in Florianopolis

With all the hype around Rio de Janeiro and its beautiful beaches, it’s easy to overlook the other hot spots around Brazil. I get it; many tourists want to see the most popular places within a particular country, and don’t have time for much else. But let me just tell you; if you go to … Continued

Flying Blue Photo Competition

More than just a picture, travel photography shows an emotion : the story of a meeting with the unknown, the discovery of places and people, the realization of a special moment… After the succes of its last year contest, Flying Blue, the Air France/KLM fidelity program, will soon start the 2015 edition of its  travel … Continued

Disaster Relief at Eye Level [55 PHOTOS]

It isn’t until you leave the city of Kathmandu that you can really see the destruction that the earthquakes have caused. Nepal is made up of 75 districts, 12 of which were absolutely crushed by the earthquakes. Within those 12 districts there are countless towns and villages that have been, and continue to be, greatly effected by … Continued

My Nepal Earthquake Experience

I don’t know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and have your entire life turned upside down. I don’t know what it feels like to loose your job, community, and home over night. I don’t know what it feels to have your entire family taken from you in an instant. Unfortunately … Continued

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