How I Get Paid to Travel the World

 How I Get Paid to Travel the World This crazy, unpredictable adventure began with exactly $5,000 in my bank account. I booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 1, 2009. My goal was to travel for one year. From there, I would come up with my next business idea, fly home … Continued

How to Plan Your Trip Abroad

 I am a notorious, non-planner. I book a flight and show up somewhere, knowing that I have time to develop an understanding of a place because of my “travel deeper” mentality. However, I realize that not everyone has a few months to spend in one location, and for that, you need to plan your … Continued

Australian Curiosity

Curiosity’s a powerful drug. It forces us to do things, we never dreamed possible. Like travel clear across the globe, just to experience a place for ourselves. Because No matter how many images you see, or videos you watch… no form of social media or virtual reality will ever take the place of exploration – … Continued

My First New York Times Travel Show

Imagine a place where you can directly connect with international representatives and travel professionals from all over the world under one roof. For a travel nerd like me, I call this place heaven, but the powers to be gave it a different name – The New York Times Travel Show. Last weekend I had the … Continued

Best Beaches in Sydney Australia

Organizing the best beaches in Sydney, Australia is no easy task. From Cronulla Beach in the south to Palm Beach way up north, Sydney, Australia is famous for its abundance of beautiful beaches. I spent a month living in Sydney, and decided to go explore as many of these sandy sanctuaries as possible. Here is … Continued

How to Choose Your Travel Insurance

Last week I explained all the steps on how to plan your trip abroad, and one of the topics that I briefly discussed was travel insurance. Travel Insurance, like any type of insurance, is not something people like to talk about. You have to read your policy carefully, understand what you’re covered for, and do … Continued

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