Travel Deeper Japan [TRAILER]

The latest “Travel Deeper” series will be featuring 20 episodes of “Travel Deeper Japan.” I spent the last two months exploring Japan. From skiing in the north to scuba diving in the south, my goal was to travel deeper and uncover as much of this magical land as possible. Here is a sneak peak of … Continued

10 Hours in Taipei, Taiwan

On my way to Japan, I had a long layover in Taipei, Taiwan. Not including transit and waiting time, I had about six hours total to get a taste of Taipei, Taiwan for the first time. Basically I ate a lot with my local friend and we visited the iconic Taipei 101. Watch more at … Continued

Travel Insurance Just Got Easier – Allianz TravelSmart App

As a traveler, the last thing I want to worry about is filing an insurance claim. Whether it be personal injury, stolen belongings or transit issues, the idea of stopping my adventures for a claim process is stressful. In order to improve the claims filing process, Allianz Global Assistance USA, a leading travel insurance provider, has … Continued

Stay on the Vegas Strip for $57 Per Night With Timeshares

 I love Vegas, but I can never stay too long because everything is so expensive. Hotels, gambling, entertainment, sightseeing, food – it all adds up. One expense I’ve learned to cut down is my accommodation. There’s simply no need to pay full price for accommodation in Vegas when so many timeshare resale rentals are available … Continued

4 Road Trips in Israel

Israel is one of the most news-covered countries in the world, and yet, how much do we really know about it? Aside from the political and religious information, there is so much more to this historic place than accounted for. Did you know that Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world? … Continued

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