A Journey to Mt Everest Base Camp [VIDEO]

The journey to Mt Everest Base Camp was nothing short of spectacular. It was exhausting, emotional, and unlike anything I had ever done. After a few days trekking through the Himalayas, it became very clear that Base Camp was no joke.

It was such an amazing experience with our Active Adventures crew. If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.

Here is the script from the Mt Everest Base Camp video if you’d like to read along…

Our adventure began from the moment we stepped foot onto that plane in Kathmandu.

The 16-seater took on stomach-turning turbulence as it sliced through the himalayan foothills

and the white knuckle ride immediately lets you know that this isn’t your average expedition.

After a quick gear check and breakfast in Lukla, we were off…

Our team consisted of three guides and six trekkers, all with different ages and ability levels, and as we maneuvered through the lower villages, everyone had a chance to take inventory of themselves and our incredible surroundings.

Passing through small villages, across sketchy suspension bridges and slowing making our way up into the mountains.

And while the journey is tiresome, the Himalayan views and Nepali culture provide us with plenty of beautiful distractions along they way.

After long days on the trails we would settle into small tea houses to rest up and relax over hot drinks and warm food.

It was inside these mountain lodges where the reality of Everest’s legend took form. Exchanging stories with other trekkers and hearing tales of tragic failures and glorious triumphs.

But it wasn’t until we climbed higher that we could truly understand the level of difficulty involved…

As the days continued, our layers grew thicker as oxygen got thinner.

Cold air filled the lungs and every step proved increasingly difficult.

You’re reminded of the treks seriousness with monuments of those who perished on the mountain above.

And although we weren’t going to the summit, each of us had to push our own limitations to reach our goal.

On that ninth day of trekking, In the shadow of the tallest mountain in the world, amidst echoes of great explorers who’ve come before us, our dream came to fruition.

And it was time to celebrate!

After trekking for two weeks straight, and over 18,000 feet of elevation back, we returned to Lukla triumphant and exhausted.

Our group had come together to add our own story to the legend of this magical place.

This was an adventure of a lifetime and one I’ll be excited to tell my grandkids about one day… as long as we survive that flight back to Kathmandu.

Mt Everest Base Camp Photos
Clint & I celebrating at Mt Everest Base Camp on Day 9


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