Salar de Uyuni Tour

If you know me and anything about this site, then you know a 4-day tour would drive me absolutely insane if I didn’t mix things up a bit along the way. Luckily for me and my partner in crime Kiersten, the other 9 people in our Salar de Uyuni tour group were up for it. Even our drivers and cook got involved in this ridiculous adventure.

The 4-day tour in and around Salar de Uyuni provided some breathtaking backdrops that were only trumped by all the sweet dance moves over the course of our filming.

Special thanks goes out to everyone involved…

Thanks to The Blonde Abroad herself for providing the track and lead vocals. Nelson, our fearless tour guide and lead hype man. Agustina for all the great food that powered us through the trip. Paul, the frenchman who didn’t understand anything we said but was happy to be on camera if it meant he could smoke. Jenn, our American comrade whose spirit provided us with great energy throughout the trip. Mike, for giving us artistic advice and epic topless dance number. To Celine for her freakishly flexible body, Rodrigo for his great faces and popsicle stare down, Maria for her magic moves at the geysers and Merel for your kick-ass roadside scene when our truck broke down. Thank you all.

Lastly, to Tupiza Tours for providing such a great experience for all of us.

Salar de Uyuni Tour Group

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