Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Photos

Take your favorite spring break memories, add Halloween costumes, beautiful half-naked people, live music and an entire city that fuels the party and you’ll begin to understand carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I spent the last week masquerading from one bloco to the next as Rio de Janeiro opened their doors to insanity. Until I finish … Continued

9 Drinks To Try While Traveling South America

After four years of traveling deeper in South America one thing still remains constant across every country I’ve been to; People love to celebrate life and there’s no better way to break down international (or language) barriers than over a couple of drinks. Here’s a list of all the traditional drinks across South America for … Continued

A Mind Blowing Travel Moment

It was just after 11pm as our inebriated guide maneuvered his beat-up Jeep wrangler through the pitch-black dirt roads of Vieques Island.  From the back seat, I was tiptoeing that fine line between having faith and being responsible. Just a few hours prior, I was researching bio bay tours from a hostel in Fajardo when … Continued

San Juan Nightlife Guide

The capital city of Puerto Rico is the gateway to all things adventurous on the island. From zip-lining through rainforests to surfing along endless coastlines, your daily activities are covered with just a rental car and a road map. The real question I have, however, is: “How are you going to spend your evenings while … Continued

Europe’s Best Cities For Nightlife

  There are all sorts of reasons to travel around Europe, but chief among them is to simply let loose and enjoy yourself. In keeping with this idea, many travellers heading to various popular destinations in Europe find themselves seeking out the best clubbing areas and nightlife scenes the continent has to offer. To give … Continued


Here’s the result of four months of working and traveling in Guatemala as a Kiva Fellow. The scenery is incredible, the people are inspiring and the memories are forever. I’ll see you again soon Guatemala. Shots from Guatemala: Flores, Solola, Panajachel, Tikal Ruins, Antigua, Rio Dulce, Semuc Champey, San Antonio de Palopo, San Andres, Mazatenango, … Continued

Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

My biggest goal while living in Medellin, Colombia was to trade in my gringo shuffle for some latin coordination by taking salsa lessons during the day and practicing on unsuspecting Colombian women at night. Unlike the States, you can’t go to a nightclub and just sit around. Dancing is a must if you want to meet … Continued

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