Surviving the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

[WATCH IN HD] To be fair, it’s technically not considered the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” anymore. Due to the construction of a new highway close by, which directs most traffic away from its path, they’ve recently upgraded the trails nickname to a much more simple, passive and inviting moniker… “The Death Road” Okay, so the … Continued

Vancouver Riots 2011

You could see the smoke billow up from behind the hotels in downtown Vancouver. Helicopters circled as crowds scattered and riot police moved in. I was watching the whole thing unfold from a comfy rooftop terrace high above all the chaos. As the Bruins netted their third of four goals, the game was out of … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Vancouver Riots

I stayed in Vancouver Wednesday night after the TBEX conference to experience game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals live. This was the 3rd time in Vancouver Canucks 41-year history that they’ve reached the Stanley Cup and I wanted to be a part of it. After witnessing the incredible game 5 victory and epic after-party, … Continued

Futbol Hooligans vs Barra Bravas

  As I tucked myself into bed last night with a good book and some warm milk, one of my favorite movies of all times came on the tele – Green Street Hooligans. I sat up to watch Elijah Wood transform into a Green Street Elite and it got me thinking about the football Hooligans here … Continued

Health Care in Argentina

For the past week I’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctors offices around Buenos Aires. Nothing major, I just had a cyst on my upper back that had gotten infected and needed to be removed. Gross I know, but I’m all about full disclosure. The whole event has pretty much ruled out any … Continued

Week 1 at Work: A Bloody Mess!

Last night I finished up my first week of bartending at Buller Pub in Recoleta. I’m a bit drained but pumped for the connections and Spanish practice I’ll have through this job. I still have a ton of names to remember but I think I came up with a good system. I find characteristics about the … Continued

Shots Needed For South America

I am trying to figure out what shots I need to go into South America, in particular Argentina. I’m guessing I don’t need anything to wild because Buenos Aires is such a big city, but if I travel elsewhere (which I plan to do) I will need to be on top of my game. Here … Continued

STA Travel Insurance

STA Travel is the ultimate in student travel information and services. I used them a lot when I studied abroad in London and they came through again with affordable travel insurance for my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although Let’s Go Buenos Aires said all Argentina health care is free (even to tourists) I want to make … Continued

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