HOW TO: Cook Peruvian Food Like a Local [VIDEO]

Food is our common ground. It’s a universal experience that brings people together and makes them feel comfortable. Today, a small family kitchen in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Lima, Peru served as that bridge as I gathered up some local Peruvian friends to teach me how to cook two traditional Peruvian dishes. Learning to … Continued

How to Make Friends While Traveling

How to make friends is one of the most frequent questions I receive in the T2T inbox. The entire concept of this site focuses on that interaction and I base the success of each adventure on the friends I’ve made and authentic moments I’ve shared with locals. I’m not saying you can’t have the same … Continued

Talking Your Way into the Best Views

Some of the best views in the world are captured from inside the classy hotels and lavish apartment complexes that many of us will never have the opportunity to see. I don’t like that idea. I want to see how the other half lives and I don’t want to wait until I’m a stuffy-old man … Continued

How To: Get More From Your Tour

When I started out on this T2T project one of first things I told myself was to avoid guided tours at all costs. I thought there was no way I could submerge myself into a new culture while being herded around like sheep (dressed in tropical shirts and socks with sandals). The truth is however, … Continued

8 Ways to Fake it ’til you Make it!

Before I could hold a decent conversation in Spanish, I had to come up with a few tactics to act like I knew a lot more than I really did. I dove in head first when I arrived in Buenos Aires, trying to learn the language as fast as possible, but the fact is it … Continued

How To: Chew Coca Leaves (kind of)

After being in Northern Argentina for a few days we started noticing everyone with big cheek-fuls of coca leaves.  Most of the men in the area looked like old-time baseball players or chipmunks packing away nuts for the winter. Chewing coca leaves is a big part of the culture here in Northern Argentina as well … Continued

The Art of the Kiss

Greeting like an Argentine is a vital part in the path to becoming a townie. I decided to create this instructional video one day at work to demonstrate the do’s and dont’s of giving a good salutation here in Buenos Aires. I also explain some of the mistakes I have made and some things you … Continued

How to Survive a Futbol Match in Buenos Aires

I decided to take a page out of Kate Hudson’s book and create a “How To” guide for Argentina football fans who want to attend a match here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is the first of many “T2T How To Guides” about traveling to Buenos Aires. Hopefully it will be a good travel resource & … Continued

Hello High Society! Polo Lessons in Buenos Aires

  Take 2 guys who’ve ridden a horse maybe 5 times in their life (combined). Add a ranch, some malets, fake Polo Jerseys, a keg and a group of entertained-Argentine-spectators and you’ve got yourself a great day of Polo Lessons in Buenos Aires. Jed from set us up with an awesome guy named Fernando from … Continued

Diary of a Day Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

Motorcycle Diaries eat your heart out. We weren’t curing Polio or anything but man was it fun feeling the wind in your face and a good friend clinging to your back. Just a couple of macho guys, drinking beers, picking up chicks and cruising around Colonia, Uruguay on scooters with pearl colored helmets. Today my buddy … Continued

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