10 Books That Changed My Life

I wasn’t always a reader. Long story short, going into my second year of University, I realized I needed to change my life. Until this point, all I did was party and play basketball. I didn’t take life seriously. I didn’t take my education seriously. I was self-confident with no self-awareness – not a good … Continued

Australian Curiosity

Curiosity’s a powerful drug. It forces us to do things, we never dreamed possible. Like travel clear across the globe, just to experience a place for ourselves. Because No matter how many images you see, or videos you watch… no form of social media or virtual reality will ever take the place of exploration – … Continued

Eating Kangaroo with Aboriginals

Throughout my time in Australia, I knew, somehow, someway, I had to experience something like this. Since visiting the Northern Territory a few months ago, I knew this was a story I needed to tell. As you can see from my Australian Outback video, I barely talked about Aboriginal people, despite the fact that this had been … Continued

A Journey to Mt Everest Base Camp [VIDEO]

The journey to Mt Everest Base Camp was nothing short of spectacular. It was exhausting, emotional, and unlike anything I had ever done. After a few days trekking through the Himalayas, it became very clear that Base Camp was no joke. It was such an amazing experience with our Active Adventures crew. If you have the chance, … Continued

When Goodbyes Hinder Hellos

I’ve had very little desire to learn Turkish or get close to new people. Like someone going through a tough break-up, I’ve kept this new and beautiful prospect at an arm’s length. I’ve been in Istanbul for over a month and I’m just now getting settled. For the first few weeks in town, I rarely … Continued


Come with us on a magical journey, over the mountains and through the monasteries, to one of the most amazing places on this planet – The Kingdom of Bhutan! As I mentioned in the previous post, Clint from Triphackr.com and I spent a week exploring Bhutan with Yeoong Tours & Travels back in late April, and … Continued

The First Trip to Gogane [Video]

Here is the video footage from my first trip out to the village of Gogane with the Active Hearts Himalaya team, just days after the first massive earthquake hit Nepal. ACIVE HEARTS HIMALAYA DONATION PAGE PHOTOS FROM GOGANE ——————————————————————————————– Here is storyline, in case you want to read along… For millions of Nepali people, this … Continued

Disaster Relief at Eye Level [55 PHOTOS]

It isn’t until you leave the city of Kathmandu that you can really see the destruction that the earthquakes have caused. Nepal is made up of 75 districts, 12 of which were absolutely crushed by the earthquakes. Within those 12 districts there are countless towns and villages that have been, and continue to be, greatly effected by … Continued

My Nepal Earthquake Experience

I don’t know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and have your entire life turned upside down. I don’t know what it feels like to loose your job, community, and home over night. I don’t know what it feels to have your entire family taken from you in an instant. Unfortunately … Continued

Travel Deeper – Brazil

[x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed] Five years of traveling deeper in South America, and it all led me to this… One of the most incredibly difficult and absolutely amazing years of my life – Living and traveling in Brazil. The goal was to live in Rio de Janeiro, travel around the country, participate in Carnaval, and somehow work … Continued

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