Must Read Information About Argentina

I think no matter what country you live in or are going to visit you should have at least some understanding of the recent history, events and people who have shaped the society into what it is today. I have been holding back for awhile now about writing anything political, economic or social about Argentina or Buenos … Continued

Spanish, Chapter 4: Bueno, Entonces…

First, I tried the private classes with Cecilia, which were great for getting me into the swing of things when I first arrived. However, I soon found out that I needed more structural help than conversational practice. So, I switched over to group Spanish classes at BASP. The 2-week intensive program helped me get a grasp on … Continued

Boca Juniors Stadium: Access Denied

Sunday night was perfect for a football match. The air was crisp and the moon was full. I had been warned many times to be careful going to La Bombonera (Boca Juniors Football Stadium) at night and to bring only the basics. So, with a gray zip up hoodie, blue t-shirt (for Boca), limited money, stealth-mode … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 3: The Frustration

As mentioned in the 6-month Status Update, my formal Spanish lessons have been put on hold as of late due to tight funds. I have been working on a proposal to trade Spanish classes for marketing services but to be honest, I just haven’t finished it yet. Even without classes, I’m still learning a ton … Continued

7 Things I Miss Back Home

A lot of people have asked me over the last few months if I miss anything from back home. Besides the obvious answer “friends and family” I have to say there are a few things that I do miss. So, here’s my list: 1. Holidays – Holidays are definitely when I miss home the most. … Continued

The Art of the Kiss

Greeting like an Argentine is a vital part in the path to becoming a townie. I decided to create this instructional video one day at work to demonstrate the do’s and dont’s of giving a good salutation here in Buenos Aires. I also explain some of the mistakes I have made and some things you … Continued

My First Police Shake Down (Coima)

As we pulled through the toll on our way back to Montevideo from Punta del Este we were waved down by a police officer standing behind the booth. It was Thursday afternoon, the sun was out and the roads were quiet. I don’t know if it was the rental car sticker on our bumper, that … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 2: The Pressure

The honeymoon is over and it’s time to start bearing down. I’ve been able to penetrate some Argentine social circles and now its time to actually build relationships. I’m decent with salutations (Hellos, goodbyes, etc.) but where the conversation goes from there is anyones guess. I’m also okay with the “where are you from?” and “what … Continued

Tango, Salsa, Milonga & Club 69

The night started out classy, romantic and educational and it ended with a fantasy induced sex-fest of a party (yet, still highly educational). Feeling pretty confident after our semi-successful polo debut we decided to give dance lessons a try last night. After very little research my roommate mentioned La Viruta for Tango, Milunga and Salsa classes. … Continued

Hello High Society! Polo Lessons in Buenos Aires

  Take 2 guys who’ve ridden a horse maybe 5 times in their life (combined). Add a ranch, some malets, fake Polo Jerseys, a keg and a group of entertained-Argentine-spectators and you’ve got yourself a great day of Polo Lessons in Buenos Aires. Jed from set us up with an awesome guy named Fernando from … Continued

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