Protests Heat Up in Buenos Aires

Today, I went down to Plaza de Mayo & 9 de Julio (downtown Buenos Aires) to check out what all the commotion was about on the news over the last few days. Turns out protestors have setup camp right in the middle of a very busy street downtown (Av de Mayo) and are at a … Continued

Week 1 at Work: A Bloody Mess!

Last night I finished up my first week of bartending at Buller Pub in Recoleta. I’m a bit drained but pumped for the connections and Spanish practice I’ll have through this job. I still have a ton of names to remember but I think I came up with a good system. I find characteristics about the … Continued

Strikes Effect Buenos Aires City Transit

Mounting tensions between subte staff and government officials came to a head this morning as Subte workers went on strike and caused the shut down of all subway lines from 11am this morning until 11pm tonight.Subway and tram workers started a strike, to press the government to grant legal status to their own union.And as … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 1: The Struggle

Today was my first spanish lesson with Cecilia, a very energetic and caring Argentine who will be tutoring me. I posted a craigslist ad and emailed teachers who also posted their services. Cecilia wasn’t the cheapest at about $12/hour, but seemed to be just the right fit for what I’m looking for. I chose individual tutoring to … Continued

T2T Pre-Departure Videos!

Check out the pre-departure interview videos if you haven’t already seen them. I went around before I left and asked some friends and family 3 questions that I thought would be helpful along the way. Turns out my friends watch a lot of TV, a lot of people don’t know Buenos Aires is a city (not … Continued

Status Update: First Impressions of Buenos Aires

First Impressions of Buenos Aires, Argentina: I am staying in an area without a lot of tourists. I ate alone the first two days/nights because I don’t know anyone. However, I haven’t allowed myself to step into an English speaking bar, restaurant or shop yet. I am struggling to communicate with everyone. I tried to … Continued

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