Where to Stay while Traveling

  Where you are going to live abroad is single-handedly the biggest aspect of living abroad. IF you are seeing this post right now, that means I am working on the new site design and transferring all of my content over. IF you want to learn more about this post ASAP, please email me. This will … Continued

Disaster Relief at Eye Level [55 PHOTOS]

It isn’t until you leave the city of Kathmandu that you can really see the destruction that the earthquakes have caused. Nepal is made up of 75 districts, 12 of which were absolutely crushed by the earthquakes. Within those 12 districts there are countless towns and villages that have been, and continue to be, greatly effected by … Continued

Travel Deeper – Brazil

[x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed] Five years of traveling deeper in South America, and it all led me to this… One of the most incredibly difficult and absolutely amazing years of my life – Living and traveling in Brazil. The goal was to live in Rio de Janeiro, travel around the country, participate in Carnaval, and somehow work … Continued

The Next Travel Adventure Awaits

When I created my five-year travel plan (five years ago), Brazil was supposed to be the final trip. I thought working at the World Cup and living in Rio de Janeiro would be the perfect climax to all my Latin America adventures. From there, I’d return to the States, start the next business, find a … Continued


Here’s the result of four months of working and traveling in Guatemala as a Kiva Fellow. The scenery is incredible, the people are inspiring and the memories are forever. I’ll see you again soon Guatemala. Shots from Guatemala: Flores, Solola, Panajachel, Tikal Ruins, Antigua, Rio Dulce, Semuc Champey, San Antonio de Palopo, San Andres, Mazatenango, … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Kiva Fellow

This is a peek into my daily routine as a Kiva Fellow in Guatemala. I was working with a new microfinance partner in ADICLA, so most days consisted of visiting borrowers around the region and uploading their profiles to the Kiva.org network. Join the T2T Kiva Lending Team and help fund the people I’ve met. … Continued

A Sweet Spot along Rio Dulce

From Antigua, we snagged a shuttle into Guatemala City where we jumped on a bus heading for Rio Dulce. Fortunately, we made the seven-hour trek up to the Caribbean Coast in a comfortable cross-country liner, rather than the typical chicken buses I’d been accustomed to while traveling within Guatemala. As soon as we stepped off … Continued

Deja Vu in Antigua, Guatemala

Tourist shops line the cobblestone streets, as backpackers zig-zag between locals in central Antigua. The old capital city has helped write a rich history for Guatemala, and today it finds a way to balance old traditions with a growing tourism industry that pushes for change. The best example of this is the McDonalds and Burger … Continued

First Impressions of Guatemala

I can’t help but to smile as my ass takes a pounding while we cruise through the side streets of rural Sololá. The roads are gutted, the ride is long and the cold rain is just starting to pierce through my second layer and down my back, making my nipples rock hard. I couldn’t be … Continued

Sambo’s Monkeymentary

**Watch in HD** On day 1 of volunteering at Paseo Los Monos Monkey Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador my camera was confiscated by Sambo, the alpha woolly monkey. He told me I could have it back at the end of the week, but not before he put together this short video explaining his life at … Continued

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