FOTO FRIDAY: Magic @ 69

Thursday nights at Club Niceto in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires is known as Club 69. Drag queens, live musicians and sexy dancers fill the packed club for a night of weird awesomeness. Read all about our night at Club 69 after Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires Checkout all the Buenos Aires Nightlife Photos GarethMy name … Continued

La Noche de los Museos

On Saturday night, I ventured out to the Noche de Los Museos “Night of the Museums”, which is basically a city-wide free cultural festival that’s held once a year in Buenos Aires. At first, I was disappointed to find out that Ben Stiller would not be in attendance, but once that passed it turned out to be … Continued

Buenos Aires Graffiti Artist Spotlight

If you’ve been to Buenos Aires you can understand the significance of graffiti art and how prevalent it is throughout the city. I came across these insane videos at that showcase different graffiti artists in South America. Produced by INJAUS for I SAT, “Paredes que hablan” (Talking Walls) its a series of sixteen short films … Continued

Dating Like a Tourist

Yesterday, I went with my friend Tatiana to the Recoleta Cemetery. Although it was a pretty touristy thing to do I gotta say it was really interesting. She actually did a documentary on the cemetery awhile back so it was like having my own personal tour guide showing me around all the giant tombs. I saw … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: The Big Metal Flower

There it is… the giant metal flower you see on so many postcards from Buenos Aires. The story behind the steal is that it was designed by architect Eduardo Catalo and is displayed at the Plaza of the United Nations next to the University of Buenos Aires. “Floralis Generica” or “Flor de Metal” or “The Metal … Continued

T2T Pre-Departure Videos!

Check out the pre-departure interview videos if you haven’t already seen them. I went around before I left and asked some friends and family 3 questions that I thought would be helpful along the way. Turns out my friends watch a lot of TV, a lot of people don’t know Buenos Aires is a city (not … Continued

Inspiration: Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez is an amazing Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I walked into a gallery last week in La Jolla, California that featured his art and it immediately made me think about the omens pointing me towards Buenos Aires. His work is exactly what I imagine the atmosphere, women and nightlife to be like in Buenos Aires. Everything … Continued

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