The Art of the Arrival [VIDEO]

The actual act of traveling is a beautiful balance between art and science. It’s where preparation and planning meet real-time obstacles and improvisation. Delayed flights, lost baggage and random roadblocks are all part of the fun. As much as I love having a homebase and being in control of my surroundings, I get a kick out of … Continued

The Best of Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia is the third place I’ve called home over the past two and a half years of living in South America. While the lifestyle here is much different from the bustling Buenos Aires and seductive Medellin, it has been an amazing place to experience life like a local. Sucre is Bolivia’s judicial capital and … Continued

How to Make Friends While Traveling

How to make friends is one of the most frequent questions I receive in the T2T inbox. The entire concept of this site focuses on that interaction and I base the success of each adventure on the friends I’ve made and authentic moments I’ve shared with locals. I’m not saying you can’t have the same … Continued

69 Lessons Learned from Latin Lovers

69. Latin women love same-side sitting. I think it’s sexy if done with the right person and food selection (When eating ribs respect the space). 68. Chivalry isn’t dead gentlemen. Open doors, pull out chairs and offer your jacket. 67. Unlike American women, don’t expect Latin women to thank you for your chivalry, it’s expected. … Continued

The Junk In My Trunk

One of the most popular questions people ask me in regards to long-term travel is how I pack for such a trip. I’ve seen many other travel bloggers list all their stuff right down to the dental floss and I thought that was kinda fun. So, before I packed up on Tuesday night I laid … Continued

6 Ways I Deal with Loneliness as a Solo Traveler

Everybody always asks me… “Don’t you get lonely traveling by yourself?” My response is always… of course! Every day isn’t filled with wild rainforest excursions, epic pool parties or historic polo championships. Building a network takes time. The work and travel balance is usually around 80% excitement/happiness and 20% anxiety/loneliness. I get nervous that I … Continued

The Greatness of Hidden Gems

The very essence of travel is the discovery and exploration of new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Some choose the beaten path, the most popular hostels and follow the “top tourist attractions” lists, while others opt for remote locations, gor-tex sleeping bags and Bear Grylls travel tips. No matter what your means … Continued

SPANISH, CHAPTER 5: Getting Organized

It feels good getting back into using my second tongue. I’m still far from fluent but I’m starting to grasp the vocab and dialect I need to have a decent conversation. One of my major goals for this trip in Colombia is to get my words organized and get a better understanding of the correct structure … Continued

The Best Florida Vacation (on a budget)

As weather started to cool off in good ‘ol Rochester New York last week, I convinced myself that some “training” was in order in preparation for my next adventure. So with a little planning and 2 very low-key visits to the tanning booth (It didn’t help), I caught a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on … Continued

8 Ways to Fake it ’til you Make it!

Before I could hold a decent conversation in Spanish, I had to come up with a few tactics to act like I knew a lot more than I really did. I dove in head first when I arrived in Buenos Aires, trying to learn the language as fast as possible, but the fact is it … Continued

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