Bus trip from Bogota to Medellin

The bus ride from Bogota to Medellin wasn’t at all what I expected. I guess I got used to the big beds, first class service and flat, open roads that came with an Argentine bus trip. It wasn’t 5 minutes into the trip that I knew this one would be a lot different. I took … Continued

New Years Eve in Bogota, Colombia

Carrera 7 is one of the main avenues leading into central Bogota and on New Years Eve it’s closed off to cars and buses to make way for street vendors and live music. As I walked down the street to the big concert downtown I was offered everything from beaded necklaces to weed to life-size … Continued

The Best Business in Bogota

The streets of Bogota are lined with these walking telephone booths called “Minutos”. It’s a simple operation consisting of a resourceful entrepreneur connected to a plethora of basic cellular phones via chains or rope. People just walk up, grab a phone and have a chat. Once the call is finished the operator reels the phone … Continued

Taxi Cab Confessions: Bogota, Colombia

On the morning of an international flight to a place I’ve only heard about from glorified gangster movies you would think that my nerves would be at an all time high. Well as anti-climatic as it may be, they weren’t. Even with JFK being packed with stranded travelers no anxiousness or doubt set in. Even … Continued

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