Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

My biggest goal while living in Medellin, Colombia was to trade in my gringo shuffle for some latin coordination by taking salsa lessons during the day and practicing on unsuspecting Colombian women at night. Unlike the States, you can’t go to a nightclub and just sit around. Dancing is a must if you want to meet … Continued

Un Dia En La Vida – Medellin, Colombia

While I’m happy to be home visiting friends and family for a few months, putting together this little piece really made me miss life back in Medellin. The music, food, language, culture and women… I fell in love with Colombia in the 5 short months of living in Medellin and I can’t wait to get … Continued

First Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia

My first Salsa class in Medellin, Colombia as I learn the basic Salsa steps for dancing Salsa from my Colombian Friend Marleny from GozArte in Envigado, Colombia. Read More About My Salsa Lessons in Medellin Colombia Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Shots for Tots February Update: Building off Setbacks If I had a Castle… FOTO FRIDAY: … Continued

T2T Cribs: My Apartment in Medellin

Here’s a quick tour of my apartment in the Envigado neighborhood of Medellin, Colombia. I live with a Colombian woman named Elsie, her two boys David (20) and Camillo (20) and as of last week, a Canadian girl named Rachel (who’s doing the filming). As you notice in the video, I can’t stop laughing because … Continued

March Update: Work Hard, Play Hard in Medellin

March Recap: The big news for the month of March was that I moved into a new apartment in Envigado with a Colombian Family. It’s just a few blocks away from my last place but it’s a world of difference. I speak Spanish everyday and my bed can fit 5 comfortably (my last bed barely … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: My Office in Medellin

This photo is from the terrace of my new apartment in Envigado. Who said you can’t build an empire with a view? Check out more photos of Medellin, Colombia Related Post FOTO FRIDAY: Shots for Tots FOTO FRIDAY: The Colombian Countryside FOTO FRIDAY: Botero’s Cavity Search FOTO FRIDAY: A Peak into Cartagena FOTO FRIDAY: Sunset … Continued

First Impressions of Medellin, Colombia

Like every travel agent and Colombian guidebook will tell you, “Medellin is one of Colombia’s safest cities”. One of Colombia’s safest cities who, in 2010, had the highest increase in violence of Colombia’s urban centers. Although the Medellin River splits through the heart of the city, distinctly dividing central areas and neighborhoods, I don’t think … Continued

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