Here’s the result of four months of working and traveling in Guatemala as a Kiva Fellow. The scenery is incredible, the people are inspiring and the memories are forever. I’ll see you again soon Guatemala. Shots from Guatemala: Flores, Solola, Panajachel, Tikal Ruins, Antigua, Rio Dulce, Semuc Champey, San Antonio de Palopo, San Andres, Mazatenango, … Continued

Aimless Adventures at Tikal Ruins

Ancient ruins are cool, but the tours associated can also be slow and boring at times. I have a tough time sitting still when I’m put in a “tourist” type situation, so I seperated myself from the group and went off to explore the Tikal Ruins my way. Here are the highlights of our tour … Continued

Fotoz Friday: Sunrise in Flores

Last week, I had the opportunity to catch a night bus from Guatemala City to Flores, Guatemala (via Panajachel), to meet a good friend and explore the ruins of Tikal for a few days. The night bus was an all-to-familiar experience of an uncomfortable and sleepless 12 hours, but once I arrived in Flores, just … Continued

The End of the World – A Mayan Expert Clarifies

Rumor has it that the Mayans had predicted the world to end on December 21, 2012. I wanted to see if I should start maxing out the credit cards or not, so I went to the Mayan Ruins of Tikal in Peten, Guatemala to ask an expert. We had a great tour guide at the … Continued

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