Istanbul Nightlife Guide

Istanbul is a mega metropolis with a notorious nightlife scene. With literally hundreds of nightly options, from happy hours to after hours, deciding on where to enjoy your Efes and Rakı can be overwhelming. Thanks to the help of local friends, I was able to experience some of the most popular bars and nightclubs while … Continued

Istanbul Food Porn (with local models)

The Internet loves two things: food porn and attractive women. So, while living in Istanbul, where the delicious food and beautiful women are plentiful, I decided to bring the two together for one ridiculously seductive food porn video to get everybody horngry. To make this happen, I teamed up with my good friend (and Turkish food … Continued

Topkapi Palace Tour

The Topkapi Palace was the primary residence for the Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years, so it’s as extravagant as it is historic. Today the Topkapi Palace is a UNESCO world heritage site and serves as a museum for holy relics and significant artifacts. Comprised of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings, at it’s … Continued

The Historic Hagia Sophia Guide

This one-time Christian Church, turned Imperial Mosque, turned museum, is said to be the epitome of Byzantine architecture. Located just across from the famous Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia is a beautiful structure with equally as impressive history. The incredible city of Istanbul has been home to many civilizations throughout the centuries, and none have been … Continued

Exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

In 2014, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul was listed as the world’s most popular tourist attraction with over 91 million annual visitors. With 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops, there is literally something for everyone within this amazing maze of consumption. Shopping for everything from lanterns to ladles, its almost impossible to leave empty handed. … Continued

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque is the quintessential landmark in Istanbul, Turkey. Visitors from all around the world travel to here to witness its architectural beauty, and experience its rich religious history. I recently teamed up with Walks of Turkey to shoot a five-part series around Istanbul – and there’s no better place to start then one … Continued

Impressions of Istanbul [25 Photos]

Cigarettes, seagulls and selfie sticks. Those are the first things I think of. On paper, that sounds like a terrible combination, but somehow, someway Istanbul makes it work. The cigarettes are a sign of the city’s European lifestyle, where drinking tea, coffee or beer for hours on end is a daily ritual. The seagulls connect … Continued

When Goodbyes Hinder Hellos

I’ve had very little desire to learn Turkish or get close to new people. Like someone going through a tough break-up, I’ve kept this new and beautiful prospect at an arm’s length. I’ve been in Istanbul for over a month and I’m just now getting settled. For the first few weeks in town, I rarely … Continued

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