Mountain Biking the Death Road in Bolivia

Here’s some footage from the World’s Deadliest Road in Bolivia. Otherwise known as the Death Road, we took a day-tour with Madness Tours from la Paz, Bolivia to mountain bike down the crazy trail. We survived thanks to good brakes and attentive driving. This was my first attempt at using the new GoPro Hero HD. … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: A Quick Trip to La Paz

You can’t make a trip to Bolivia and not pass through La Paz. It is the world’s highest city (by altitude), home to the infamous San Pedro Prison and built like a giant legoland set. If that wasn’t reason enough to visit, I also had the fortune of scooping up the lovely Blonde Abroad and … Continued

Surviving the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

[WATCH IN HD] To be fair, it’s technically not considered the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” anymore. Due to the construction of a new highway close by, which directs most traffic away from its path, they’ve recently upgraded the trails nickname to a much more simple, passive and inviting moniker… “The Death Road” Okay, so the … Continued

February Update: Celebrating in Sucre

February found my suitcase stored in the closet and my feet securely rooted in Sucre. A figure known as Carnival cast its giant shadow over everything this month, resulting in little productivity here in Bolivia throughout February. I celebrated the festivities with local friends as we danced in the streets, drank leche de tigre (coconut, … Continued

January Update: Getting Settled in Bolivia

After 3 months of traveling through Ecuador and Peru, I rushed through Lake Titicaca and La Paz to get settled here in Sucre, Bolivia. The last few months had been amazing, but I was tired of the hostel life and desperate to find my own place and get into some kind of routine. JANUARY RECAP … Continued

Help Me Support Literacy in Bolivia

For those of you who’ve followed this adventure for a while understand that everything I do has a purpose. The “missions” I set out on are organized to learn about specific aspects of a country and it’s culture. Tourist 2 Townie began in Argentina with learning Spanish and finding a local job and then moved … Continued

My Next South American Travel Adventure

A few hours ago I booked a flight from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Quito, Ecuador to depart on October 5th. Ecuador is where I’ll begin my next South American travel adventure. Ecuador isn’t where I’ll be staying the entire time. In an effort to continuously travel deeper and grow personally, the focus on this next … Continued

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is one of those places that seems to be swelling up with more and more tourists each year. Located 3660m above sea level (feeling dizzy already?)  the city is literally built into the sides of a crater. It is the largest city in Bolivia despite Sucre remaining the capital. The city’s rich live … Continued

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