5 Tips for Destination Wedding Bliss in Mexico

This past week I ventured south of the border with my family to celebrate the wedding of my big sister. While this wasn’t my first time in Mexico, it was my first all-inclusive/destination wedding experience. Those of you who know me and/or this site know that I feel more comfortable crushing a few pastor tacos … Continued

5 Great Adventures in the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico’s eastern coastline is one of the most popular destinations for American tourist looking for an affordable tropical vacation. While the beachfront photos and spring break stories have always caught my attention, the region has never been on my radar for places I’d like to visit. I’ve just always envisioned massive … Continued


April 2012 has been one of the most overwhelming, fulfilling, frustrating, inspiring, and confusing months I’ve experienced in a long time. I made the transition from the completion of an amazing experience in Sucre, Bolivia to a tropical adventure in Mexico to home with family and friends in Indiana and Upstate New York. April has … Continued

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