Moab 4-Wheeling Adventure in Photos

Like rafting and mountain biking in Moab, Utah, renting 4-wheelers requires a similar adrenaline-pumping face-off: man & machine vs. environment & ability. In this matchup the battlefield is beautiful and the obstacles are deadly. A day after the Yard Sale in the Colorado River my buddy Mike and I tested our 4-wheeling skills in the … Continued

Yard Sale in the Colorado River

Moab isn’t the type of playground where nannies surround the sandbox in case of emergencies. The chaperons here drop you off at the big slide, ask if you’ve been to other playgrounds before and tell you what time to return. You’re in charge of your own juice boxes, band-aids and getting up If you fall … Continued

Mountain Biking in Moab

The last leg of my West Coast tour will be spent ringing wedding bells (not mine) back in Park City at the end of July. If time allows it, I’m hoping to break away from all the love and head South to one of my favorite American playgrounds, Moab. I’ve been anxious to get back down … Continued

May Update: From Mexicans to Mormons

May Recap: I made the tough decision to take a consulting job here in the States verses traveling back to Colombia for the month of May. Financially, it was a great decision but it forced me to put my salsa dancing dreams on hold for the time being. Good news is, the job gave me … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Forever Bronzed

One of my favorite sports arenas in the United States is the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. The arena is home to the Utah Jazz basketball team and an incredibly electric (yet sober) fan base. I’ve been to a few Jazz games here and the atmosphere is amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity … Continued

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